Examples Of Peaceful Protest By Anne Moody

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Through the struggles faced by Anne Moody and other African Americans during the 1960’s the segregation involved would be best taken down with peaceful protest. With this invested ideology white southerners would use severe action to keep their way of life intact. African Americans faced many segregation struggles by intolerant whites before during the transatlantic slave trade and emancipation from slavery. In Anne Moody’s memoir about her experience at one of the first sit-ins she inspired and brought the community together. The best tool used by Moody and others following after her was the determinative peaceful protest held by African Americans. In this essay there will be a lot of contrasting between peaceful protest and violent protest. …show more content…

Johnson was an important figure for ensuring the rights of African Americans during his time elected. It was known that Johnson was sympathetic to the African Americans and their cause, he was an adversary for equality. When Anne Moody and others were fighting segregation with peaceful protest it’s apparent that their efforts were not in vain. With the peaceful protests and their coverage this likely strengthened Johnson’s sympathy to African Americans cause. As opposed to if the protests were not peaceful it’s likely the support from the President would be altered against African Americans favor. But momentum was gained from peaceful protests and it would be difficult to view their struggle and action as something that is insignificant or something to be fixed by itself. Some worthy legislation that Johnson passed was the Civil Rights Act in 1964 and the Voting Rights Act in 1965. The Civil Rights Act prohibited segregation in public accommodations which was one of the rights that Anne Moody and others were simply wanting. (2) Voting rights were also a part of the protest as voting registration in the South was discriminative towards African Americans. (American Journey pg.668) With the Voting Rights Act the legislation removed the rigged literacy tests to vote allowing more African Americans to be eligible to vote. (American Journey pg.668) With peaceful protest it appealed to Presidential action and support for African

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