Peaceful Protest In America

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In a free society such as America the citizens that reside in it are entitled to many freedoms and liberties. The right to protest is protected under these liberties as the entire point of the first amendment of the American Constitution is to protect freedom of speech. The first amendment is open to interpretations but it explicitly states “Congress shall make no law… the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech” (U.S Const. amend. I). Peaceful resistance has a positive impact on society but it can inspire other to be violent when demands are not met. There have been many cases of riots breaking out during intended peaceful protests due to ignorance and rising emotions. The riots that occurred in Charlotte North Carolina are example of how peaceful resistance can negatively impact a free society as it allows people to have …show more content…

The overwhelming public vexation that occurred in the streets disgusted many of those that were pro-Trump. With outbursts such as these it belittles the idea of free speech and demeans it to a form of a public temper tantrum. An honor and privilege such as that should be respected and not muddied by the words of unhappy citizens unable to control themselves. To peacefully protest is just that; protest peacefully. The peaceful protest itself holds no danger to society but it is in the hands of others that poses a danger as not everyone operates on the same agenda. Strong leaders are needed to make a protest stand out and convey a positive message. The Greensboro Four are a prime example of what can be accomplished through a peaceful protest. Protests such as those positively impact society as they raise awareness of a crisis, theirs being segregation and racial discrimination, and inspire those around them to do the

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