Essay On First Amendment In College Campus

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1st Amendment and the College Campus Have you ever wondered why some college campus protests are shutdown even though the first amendment is in place? The first amendment does not always protect in every situation. The first amendment wasn’t enforced much until the 1960’s and 70’s, when the anti-war and gender equality protests first started. College campuses have a right to impede on the first amendment if it is restricting someone else’s rights. In many cases some protesters will block off an entrance to an event or will start to harass people walking past. In rarer cases some will protest on things that may cause fights. The college campus has the right to shut down a protest if it may cause a fight. This is said under the category “Fighting Words” in the first amendment. Its states that if the protest may cause the intended audience to commit an act of crime, the protest should be dismissed. The fighting words category also states that a protesters are not allowed to partake in name calling or use derogatory terms toward the directed audience. This was put in place after Chaplinsky v New Hampshire, 1942. This trail took place because the actions of Chaplinsky. Chaplinsky Was passing out pamphlets when the city marshal confronted him. Chaplinsky said some choice words …show more content…

This section is an extension of the privacy act. It states that you have the right to say what you may. However, it is the same way with the freedom of speech. You are allowed to express your opinion on multiple topics. You cannot say anything that is sensitive or may cause a rally or fight. It also says that the government has the right to make certain things private or classified. This is often expressed in the college campus because of the latest growth in social media. The first amendment is infringed upon everyday due to social media and the fact that there are so many posts that the government cannot manage it

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