Essay On First Amendment In Schools

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Students’ First Amendment rights have changed over time due to a series of court cases such as Tinker v. Des moines, Bethel v. Fraser, and Hazelwood v. Kuhlmeier. Tinker v moines started it by making it clear that you don't lose your rights in school. After that each case was chipping and shaping the first amendment right of students. Since tinker v moines students right have been shaping and changing because it needed to be made clear that kids (students) had rights too and don't just belong to their parents, so that children have a voice also. Initially after the tinker case, students’ rights were expanded, but recently they have become more restricted. The court case Tinker v.Des moines that occurred in 1969 helped to expand students …show more content…

In which Fraser gave an inappropriate speech which contained perverted and inferred sexual words in his speech to try an get one of his friends into office, but got suspended and was no longer allowed to speak at graduation. According to document E it says “Bethel school district acted within its permissible authority in imposing sanctions on Fraser after his inappropriate speech”.This quote shows students are limited to what they can say and can't really speak their minds without restrictions therefore this shows that this case restricts the 1st amendment rights of students even though the U.S promotes freedom of speech but nevertheless there are others way to speak without using indecent words and also it was within a place of learning. The court was right to decide in favor of the school because “A high school assembly or classroom is no place for a sexuality explict monologue.(Doc. E)”it was well within parameters of the school to punish him for using obscene and indecent speech at a school event as mentioned in document E earlier “The first Amendment does not prevent the schools officials from determining them to permit a vulgar and lewd speech such as the respondent's would undermine the school’s basic educational

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