What Is The Supreme Court Case Of Bethel School District V. Fraser?

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Legal Citation for Case: Bethel School District No. 403 Et Al. V. Fraser, a Minor, Et Al No. 84-1667; Supreme Court of the United States ; 478 U.S. 675; July 7, 1986, Decided Burger, C. J., Conveyed The Opinion Of The Court, In Which White, Powell, Rehnquist, And O’Connor, Jj, Joined. Brennan, J., Recorded An Opinion Agreeing In The Judgment. Blackmun, J., Agreed In The Result. Marshall, J., And Stevens, J., Recorded Disagreeing Opinions. Boss Justice Burger Conveyed the opinion of the Court. Description: Bethel School District v. Fraser began when a student, Matthew Fraser, at Bethel School, gave a designation speech to his schoolmates that the organization regarded inappropriate. This point was made clear even before Fraser gave the speech, as Frasier was told by two teachers that he presumably ought not to give the speech. Nonetheless, Fraser thought he could escape with the speech in light of the fact that it didn't actually contain any obscene words. Frasier was suspended for two days and was not permitted to talk at …show more content…

In a past Supreme Court case, Tinker v. Des Moines Independent Community School District, the Supreme Court asserted that a student does not shed their protected rights to freedom of speech or representation at the schoolhouse entryway. From this announcement one would imagine that Fraser would be free and clear. Notwithstanding, in Tinker, the issue within reach was challenge armbands. The armbands were an uninvolved presentation of statement that did not intrude on school, while Fraser's speech intruded on a couple of classes that were compelled to situated aside time to examine Fraser's speech. This made the court view Bethel School District v. Fraser as an exception to the Tinker test, or as an utmost to Tinker. So fundamentally, the Court felt that the school district's discipline of Frasier did not abuse the Speech Clause of the First

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