Peaceful Protest Argument Essay

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Peaceful resistant to laws positively impacts our free society today in America because of many specific reasons. One being, it is protected under our first amendment, which allows the citizens of America to the right to petition. This right allows the people, which is what America in truth is all about, to petitions things they don´t like, or want done away with. In today's ever changing society, many people find things unjust, or unfair, and the only ways to deal with those at times is to go down the peaceful way of resisting laws. Now of course, not following a law, or breaking one is never truly the answer, but it takes only one person to make a difference, and at times, that is what is what the United States needs, a rule breaker. Things …show more content…

I work at a college radio station currently to get high school credits, and the best way to get your message out in today's society is to have a voice. Whether it be like mine over the FM, or over the Facebook, peaceful protests are what keeps people from becoming outraged, furious and dangerous to those around them. When someone doesn't like something, they won't sit back and do nothing, they will complain, they will act out, and they will protest, and as being American citizens we have the right to do that, but we don't always go to the peaceful routes. Take in Ferguson Missouri for example. While the protests, and acts of rage were not due to that of a law, they were due to the act of hurt and pain for the loss of a community member, they still acted out. Everyone wants to be heard. Everyone wants to be noticed. Everyone wants to make a change in this world, and allowing them to do something in protest peaceful gives them that voice that they so desperately crave and desire to have on this ever so cruel

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