How Did President Johnson Sign The Civil Rights Act Based On Principle

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DId president Johnson signed the civil rights act based on politics or principle. A political decision is sometimes based on one self interest. Principle is someone's decision to do something based on strongly held beliefs. For example, if you do something just to get someone to like you then that’s politics, if you do something because it’s the right thing to do then that is principle. I personally think that president Johnson signed the civil rights act based on principle. Johnson attended college and graduated. His first job was a teacher in Cotulla,Texas. In 1963 when president kennedy was assassinated Johnson took over. When re-election was going on he signed the civil the civil rights act, which I will show evidence that he signed based on principle. At his first job as a teacher Johnson cared for his students that were poor. Those students were Mexican American students who came to class starving, which affected them to focus in school. Johnson helped those students that were not the same race as him to get an education. There are some parts of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 that could help these students, which Johnson would gladly pass to help these students overcome these hard full situations. The acts were as follows, equal access to public schools, equal …show more content…

In 1963, the Kennedy Administration had twenty-seven percent about right public votes for pushing integration. In 1964, the Johnson Administration had thirty-nine percent about right public votes for pushing integration. Also, 57 percent of public opinion approved the way Johnson was handling the civil rights problem, which was more than half. These results would help Johnson in the presidential election. This is why I believe L.B.J signed the Civil Right Act of 1964 based on principle. He was helping the Civil RIghts problem way before the

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