Civil Rights Act Of 1964 Dbq Essay

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Johnson believed in the civil rights act of 1964. Using what he had witnessed before he became president he knew the civil rights act needed to be activated. Civil rights were a legal entitlement to the people of the United States which granted everyone: the right to vote, no segregated schools, freedom of press, etc. Why did LBJ sign the civil rights act? Many believed Johnson signed the act because of politics, but in reality he actually signed it because of principle, he witnessed kids who were discriminated against, logic even says LBJ was pushing towards integration just right, he believed in the act from the beginning, only, he wanted the states to have a say. Logic was one reason principle caused Johnson to sign the act. According to doc B in August 1963 when people were asked, “Do you think the Kennedy Administration is pushing integration too fast or not fast enough?” 50% answered “too fast” and only 27% answered “about right”. But in February 1964 when people were asked, “Do you thing the Johnson Administration is pushing too fast or no fast enough?” only 30% said too fast and 39% answered “just right”. Also, in April 1964 people were asked, “Do you approve or disapprove of the way Lyndon Johnson is handling the civil rights problem?” 57% of the voters responded with “approve”. …show more content…

In doc A quoted from Johnson he said, “They never seemed to know why people disliked them. But they knew it was so, because I saw it in their eyes.” Johnson knew what it was like for these kids; he watched those children suffer and when he became president he signed the act that helped them. Johnson noted how the children came to class often hungry and without breakfast, they were dressed poorly and couldn’t speak a lot of

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