Civil Rights Act Of 1964 Essay

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The Civil Rights Act of 1964 is hailed by many as one of the most important legislations in the American history. The act was passed into law 52 years ago under a lot of pressure and resistance from white senators and African American activists. The act, which was largely known as the “Bill of the century” was aimed at bringing equality for blacks and whites and end racial prejudice. The act was targeted to revolutionize America where blacks and whites would eat together in the same hotels and enjoy similar rights in public places without any discrimination. The act was aimed on banning discrimination based on gender, race, religion or national origin. Although the Civil Rights Act faced the longest filibuster in the United States senate history following a bloody civil rights struggle, it was passed into law in 1964 after the assassination of John F. Kennedy. This article will review some of the surprising facts on …show more content…

Although he had less political gain in supporting the Civil Rights Act, he became a key leader in letting the bill endure till the last stage. William’s ancestors were highly opposed to racial prejudice. A close friend of Kennedy and a member of the Kerner Commission appointed to investigate the 1967 race riots, McCulloch went against all interests of his District to convince fellow Republicans to vote in favor of the act. 3) Malcolm X and Martin L. King Jr. met only once in Washington during the hearing of the Civil Rights Act The two leaders only met once in Capitol Hill during a debate hearing in 1964. Their conversation was short and brief where MLK greeted Malcolm X “Hallo Malcolm, good to see you” then Malcolm replied “Good to see you to”. Less than a year after their first encounter, Malcolm was shot dead while Martin L. King was assassinated four years

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