How Did The Cold War Shaped American Culture

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The Cold War Era started in 1946 and lasted until 1989 when the Berlin war fell signifying its end. Many events happened through this time period that shaped American culture and brought us to where we are today. It all started in march 1947, which reflected the combativeness of president Harry Truman. Secretary George c Marshall told Europe that that policy of the United States was not directed “ against any country or doctrine but against hunger, poverty, desperation and chaos.” in 1947 the brutish announced that they could no longer support the pro western governments of the Mediterranean in their fight against communism. If the US could not take up the burden the whole region was in danger of falling under communist roll. March 12th …show more content…

African Americans still had a struggle even when the war ended until they had equal rights. In the 1900 's schools businesses local streets and restrooms the blacks were classified as second class citizens. In 1909 a group of prominent black and white people created a group called the national association for the advancement colored people their was to increase racial equality. In 1955 a school opened were blacks and whites could go together; causes peaceful marches and protest. Around 1952 universities allowed blacks, but still had violence against them. John f Kennedy enforced the movement of no violence towards black people and them having equal rights. On June 19th 1963 president Kennedy proposed a civil rights bill which was approved in 1964 after his death. Its approval was largely influenced by martin Luther king jr and the march in Washington on 1963. Which captured social media and attracted hundreds of people in support of civil rights. Blacks eventually got the right to start voting and running for public office in 1965. The cold war era had many event occurring in it that affect the different countries and economies. It has a positive and negative outlook on today 's economy and the way we do things now. The event also affected a lot of people mentally and

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