How Did Lyndon Johnson Have A Vision For A Great Society

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Lyndon Johnson had a very significant role in developing and achieving civil rights for African American people in the USA during the 1960’s. Lyndon Johnson enacted and passed major civil rights legislations, had ambitions and a vision for a “Great Society” and provided generous federal subsidies that benefitted African Americans; greatly advancing the lives of African Americans in the USA, socially and economically.

Lyndon Johnson had a very fundamental role in developing civil rights because he enacted and passed major civil rights legislations in an effort to improve the lives of African Americans in the USA. As the president of The United States on the 2nd of July in 1964 he signed the Civil Rights Act. He also put the presidential signature …show more content…

He declared that his vision for a “Great Society”, that he hoped one day would-be America, was “an end to poverty and racial injustice”. This vision was driven by his own childhood of poverty, equivalent to the life of an African American child, giving him empathy for those affected by racial discrimination. He was also motivated by the amount of popularity he was given prior to his presidency from helping pass previous acts that helped develop civil rights. His moral values exclaimed that discrimination was not just. He also had no doubt that helping this minority group would advantage America both spiritually and economically and that racial discrimination was ruining the economy of his hometown, the South. These morals and beliefs that Lyndon gained influenced him to devote his presidential reign to change the economic, political and spiritual views of the country. Accordingly, his dream helped him enact and form the major civil rights legislations of the 1960’s that improved the lives of African Americans in the USA. It was his personal determination and political experience that convinced a Congress of Republicans and conservative Democrats, whom were both strongly against the bills. He contributed to his dream of a “Great Society” by supplying political and economic opportunities and decreasing African American unemployment by 34%. Johnson’s caring and compassionate character also contributed to his innovation. The ambitions and visions of Lyndon Johnson showed that he had a passion for improving the lives of the minorities that was proven through his actions of legislation building a “Great Society” making his role in developing civil rights

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