Lyndon B Johnson Dbq

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Have you ever made a choice that would make you popular, but it was a bad choice. Maybe you made a decision that made you lose popularity, but was the right choice. Lyndon B. Johnson did both of these as a Texas senator and the president of the United States of America. Johnson had two sides a political side, and a principle side. Lyndon B. Johnson wanted votes, he needed votes if he wanted to become president. To keep all of the southern votes he provided a watered down pro-discrimination bill. He was for discrimination as a Texas senator, he needed votes if he ever wanted to achieve that dream. He saw a perfect way to get those votes from the south, give them exactly what they want; even if it is against what he thinks is right. LBJ was …show more content…

Johnson said this to Roy Wilkins when Wilkins questioned why he only opposed slavery as the prefixes, instead of a Texas senator. Johnson meant by saying that was that that’s not what Texas wanted, therefore he could not oppose it if he wanted to stay in office. Johnson began working to pass the Civil Rights Bill. Johnson had a first hand account of what the discrimination was like; teaching a Mexican-American school before getting into politics. Johnson said, “I could see it in the eyes”, Johnson had an up close experience as to what discrimination was doing to average people’s lives. 39% of the people liked the pace he was going to carry out this bill, which is very hard. He had a 50% approval rating which is 5th highest of the United States presidents. LBJ also was threatened by the Georgia Senator, Richard Russell JR., that he’d lose all the votes from the south. Johnson pretty much said to his old friend “ So be it” johnson did use much more vulgar words, and said a little more than a few words on this subject though. Johnson got the Civil Rights Bill passed because he knew it was right and felt like he must get it passed for

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