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Mary Dyer was born in England in 1611. She married William Dyer and went to Massachusetts in 1635. She was a good friend with Anne Hutchinson and shared the same views; they were Quakers. She was the mother of 8 children, two died shortly after birth. Mary had a stillborn daughter that was deformed and they buried in secret, because it was believer that either if a women preached or listen to a woman preacher their child would be deformed or that the deformed child was consequences of the parents sins. The Massachusetts banished the Dyer’s and Hutchinson’s because they stated that they were Quakers, and the colony could do it because of their beliefs. So they went to Rhode Island and co-founded the town of Newport. There now was an act in Massachusetts the anti-Quaker that gave the townspeople the right to banish any Quaker or hang them. Mary Dyer resisted this and came back to Massachusetts, they gave her the choice to be banished but …show more content…

He had very little education and work on his father’s farm. When the Revolutionary War sprung up he went to the army and fought at Lexington. Shays quickly fought his way up the rankings from army man to 2nd lieutenant to captain. He fought in the battles of Bunker Hill, Ticonderoga, Stony Point, and Saratoga. After, the war is when he is most famous for the brand new country was going through an economic depression. It was affecting the farmers the most in that they were going into debt quickly and they would be imprisoned if they could not pay off their debts, also the large tax they had to pay. In the month of February there was a rebellion against the court to change and handle these problems. Shays was a leader of one of the militias, but not the leader of all the groups. The leaders were sentenced to death, but Shays made a petition and they got pardoned. Through these actions is what made the government replace the Articles of Confederation and create a strong national

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