Earthquake: The 1989 World Series

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It’s 5 o’clock in the afternoon. The 1989 World Series is about to start. The TV goes to static. Houses come crashing down. Dust is everywhere around the wreckage. Smoke is flooding the streets. Downed fire hydrants spray into what 's left of a parking garage. All of this damage was caused by an earthquake. Earthquakes affect not only the Earth, but people and the property on it.

To start off, Earth’s continents slide on a liquid molten mantle which cause them to collide and separate, forming new landforms. Animals that lived together before now become deserted from one another and may even live on different continents. When two continental plates meet, volcanoes erupt and mountains form. Earthquakes tear open the Earth in large jagged gashes tracing miles across its surface. The …show more content…

Streets are crammed with emergency vehicles, and traffic jams hold up the final roadways. News reporter Olivia Esposito put it best as: “The earthquake killed more than 60 people, injured almost 4,000, and left several thousand Californians homeless.”

Undoubtedly, tons of people’s homes and appliances get destroyed due to earthquakes. According to the Earthquake Insurance Claim Form, over $8,000 are spent on bathroom appliances and more than $9,000 are used for bedrooms because of broken windows, displaced floors, and cracked closet walls. Strong earthquakes that hit people’s homes not only destroy their homes, but leave a grand amount of people homeless.

As a result, earthquakes affect the Earth, people, and property on it. All of the houses, buildings, and roadways destroyed make repair bills go up to more than $6 billion and people hold the devastation of some of their family members and friends who get injured in earthquakes. Animals that once lived together spread to other continents which they aren’t used to when the Earth’s continents slide and

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