Costa Rica Volcanoes

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Costa Rica is beautiful small country. However, it can sometimes be a scary place.
Earthquakes, volcanoes, landslides and flooding are all too common for such a small place. Costa Rica lies between the Pacific and Atlantic ocean so one would expect extreme weather such as hurricanes to happen often but that is not the case. Although it rains from
May to November, only September and October typically bring the tropical thunderstorms.
Considering the extreme weathers and extreme geological location, it can be concluded that
Costa Rican experienced many form of natural hazard. In addition to that, these events are interconnected. Earthquakes and volcanoes are two common events in Costa Rica. Those events leads to another natural disasters such
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The Tenorio volcano is the fourth largest in the country with a height of 6,286ft and beautiful scenery revolving around forestry, hot springs, and geysers. The
Turrialba volcano is the second tallest following Irazu volcano with a summit peaking at
10,919ft. Turrialbas last major explosion was in 1866, but since then smoke keeps being released. Earthquakes are to fear the most in Costa Rica. 00Earthquakes occur almost daily due to the fact that Costa Rica lies between two tectonic plates: the Carribean plate and the Coicos plate. These two plates push and shove each other causing small tremors throughout which can cause landslides,volcanic eruptions and once in a couple years, quakes with devastating results. The strongest earthquake recorded occurred in 1991 with a measure of 7.6 on the Richter scale. This earthquake left 4 dead and buildings as well as bridges and road were completely destroyed. If another Earthquake occurs, the coastal cities would be the most affected ones as they are closer to the plates. Since these tectonics plates are in the ocean, coasts have greater danger of being affected Costa Rica tends to experience more seismic activity in subduction zones. Earthquakes in these zones have been measured up to 8.5
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