The Main Cause Of The Northridge Earthquake 1994

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Northridge Earthquake 1994 Northridge earthquake 1994, one of the most well-known earthquake by Californian people. January 17, 1994, at 4:31 AM this Northridge earthquake struck Los Angeles, California. The earthquake was not happened in the city of Los Angeles, but it happened near San Fernando Valley, 16.5 miles northwest of Los Angeles. With the power of 6.7 Ritcher scale, the earthquake struck the city of Los Angeles, California. This earthquake caused 60 deaths, 9,000 people injured. Causing the San Fernando Valley a total pile of destruction ( What was actually the main cause of the Northridge earthquake? Why did the Northridge earthquake caused so many destruction? The earthquake happened because of the movement from the San Andreas Fault ( .This little movement from the tectonic caused big things such as earthquake, but what exactly is San Andreas Fault? San Andreas fault is major fracture of the Earth’s crust in extreme western north America (Brittanica). San Andreas fault have caused so many earthquakes in U.S.A, causing many destruction, and causing lost of lifes. Now, What made Northridge Earthquake so destructive? While the Northridge earthquake was happening Californian people couldn’t predict it ( The quake went even worse at 4:37 AM, because at this time buildings started to fall down, flood started to come, and some buildings was burnt by fire. At 4:39 AM is the worst situation, because some highways

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