San Andreas Fault Essays

  • Personal Narrative: The Destruction Of California

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    No one really thinks a natural disaster so disastrous could happen in a place where millions live. A place where many visit and movies are shot. California is the place, and along with the San Andreas fault. A fault where it could destroy California and kill many. “Mom?” I say I can hear my mom crying in the bedroom, she usually does this on a daily basis but today it is more than usual because my father died on this day. Today marks four years since his death, I still feel guilty for it

  • Mexico Earthquake Case Study

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    Case study 1 earthquake:(LEDC) On September 19th 1985 Mexico city was struck with a deadly earthquake. This earthquake measured at a magnitude of 8.0 and killed about 25 thousand people 9.5 thousand official and the rest weren 't found, 30 thousand injured and many more left home less, about 3 thousand buildings where demolished and 100 thousand badly damaged. This event costed the Mexican government 3-4 billion dollars to repair and support their city and the government didn 't accept any help from

  • Tangshan Earthquake Report

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    trapped beneath the rubbles. The earthquake had occurred near a previously unknown fault, which is now known as the Tangshan fault, in the Cangdong fault system close to the system 's intersection with the Yin Shan-Shan mountain belt. The Tangshan fault is a strike-slip (Strike-slip faults with left-lateral motion are also known as sinistral faults. Those with right-lateral motion are also known as dextral faults) fault oriented in a north-northeastern direction. The main shock had caused a 120 km subsurface

  • San Andreas: California Sleeping Giant

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    for the San Andreas is California Sleeping Giant.(Oskin). The San Andreas is caused when two of these moving plates meet in western California; the boundary between them is the San Andreas . The Pacific Plate, on the west, moves northwestward relative the North American Plate, on the east, causing earthquakes along the fault. The San Andreas slices California in two from Cape Mendocino into the Mexican border (“The San Andreas .”) According to the theory of plate tectonics, the San Andreas represents

  • 1906 Earthquake Research Paper

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    heavily populated city of San Francisco, California. This violent earthquake caused extensive and expensive damage and deaths across the city and even resulted in a fire that raged throughout the city for four full days after the earthquake. While the exact casualty tall is uncertain modern scientist estimate the death toll to be around 3,000 people with rough 25,000 left without a home(_____________3________________). However, all was not lost, from the rubble and ashes of San Francisco scientists,

  • 1906 Earthquakes Report

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    477 kilometers of the San Andreas Fault from the northwest of San Juan Bautista to the triple Junction of Cape Mendocino. The earthquake caused severe damage with reports indicating that it caused more than 3,000 deaths and destroyed more than 28,000 buildings (Borcherdt, & Gibbs, 1976). The earth quake allowed planners to create a new and better city; the earthquake destroyed many buildings and in the process created room for development of a better city and new towns around San Francisco.

  • The Main Cause Of The Northridge Earthquake 1994

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    near San Fernando Valley, 16.5 miles northwest of Los Angeles. With the power of 6.7 Ritcher scale, the earthquake struck the city of Los Angeles, California. This earthquake caused 60 deaths, 9,000 people injured. Causing the San Fernando Valley a total pile of destruction ( What was actually the main cause of the Northridge earthquake? Why did the Northridge earthquake caused so many destruction? The earthquake happened because of the movement from the San Andreas Fault (u-s-history

  • 1906 San Francisco Earthquake

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    In San Francisco on April 18, 1906 at about 5:13 am a HUGE earthquake hit recorded as a 7.7-7.9 . Damaging buildings from left to right. Many poorly structured buildings collapsed causing 500 million dollars in total damage (1906 money) translated to about 8.2 billion dollars today. It was recorded that most buildings immediately caught fire which trapped the victims, about 25,000 buildings were burnt down from the fire, a total of about 490 blocks.At around 8:14 a Major aftershock hit making

  • Loma Prieta Earthquake

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    The Loma Prieta Earthquake has played a significant role in shaping the San Francisco Bay area. It has helped bring awareness to the potential dangers an earthquake could cause. On October 17, 1989, a 6.9 magnitude earthquake rattled along the San Andreas fault line through the San Francisco Bay area. It killed over 67 people and caused about 3,800 injuries. My father was a police officer in the city Salinas, which was directly affected by the quake. His job played a major role in keeping the

  • The Peruvian Earquake

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    THE PERUVIAN EARQUARE – PISCO - ICA 2007 On August 15, 2007, there was one of the worst earthquakes in the history of Peru and Latin America. It was measured 8.0 in the moment magnitude scale, lasted almost three minutes and affected all the Region of Ica. The Cathedral and three hospitals in Ica collapsed, killing more than 300 people. Figure 2. Map of the affected area. BBC (2007) According to the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (2007), more than 519 people were killed, 1,090 people

  • Structural Engineering Purpose Statement

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    Statement of Purpose In today’s era of rapid infrastructure development in India, civil engineering will play a major role in changing the face of Indian panorama. Structural engineering is heart of civil engineering, the knowledge and technical skills of structural engineers to make architects vision work and turn their creativity into reality excites me. The Bhuj earthquake in 2001 killed 20,023 people, injured another 167,000 and destroyed nearly 400,000 homes. As buildings were designed for gravity

  • Horrific Wreck Of The City Analysis

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    Imagine you are in bed when all of a sudden at at 5:12am, the earth begins to shake and the San Francisco 1906 Earthquake begins to rattle the city. The personal narrative “Comprehending the Calamity” by Emma Burke and the personal narrative “Horrific Wreck of the City” by Fred Hewitt both give you an idea of what the earthquake was like to wake up to. What do you think it was like? The personal narrative, “Comprehending the Calamity” tells the readers what the earthquake was like through the eyes

  • 1906 San Francisco Earthquake Essay

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    The San Francisco Earthquake killed many - over 3000 to be exact. Not everything is known about the Earthquake but we do know a small bit, from Art. Paintings, Stories, Films, Photos and more. From these we know about what devastation was caused by the horrific events of the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake. Two of the many ways we know about the Earthquake is “Comprehending Calamity” a Personal Narrative by Emma Burke, and “The Horrific Wreck of The City” an Eyewitness Account by Fred Hewitt. After

  • Emma Burke 1906 Analysis

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    In 1906, an earthquake hit San Francisco, California. More than 3,000 people died. The earthquake that hit San Francisco was one of the largest earthquakes in northern California. It struck the coast of Northern California. "Horrific Wreck of the City" by Fred Hewitt and “Comprehending the Calamity:” by Emma Burke are both about the same thing but the two authors opinion on how this disaster affected people are completely different. “Comprehending the Calamity” by Emma Burke and “Horrific Wreck

  • Earthquake Informative Speech

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    Informative Speech Outline Speaker’s Name: Luz Singh Speech Topic: Safety; Before, During and After an Earthquake General Purpose: To Inform Central Idea (Main Goal): Help the audience prepare for a massive earthquake. A. Introduction Attention Grabber: I would like to begin by recalling the earthquake of a magnitude of 7.1 in the Ritcher Scale, that struck the center of Mexico this past 19th of September. (Transition): What would you do if in this precise moment the floor beneath you

  • Fred Burke 1906 Earthquake Essay

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    However, the two texts are also similar to one another because they are both witnesses in the earthquake and Emma and Fred are in a perilous time period. They are also trying to inform the reader about the earthquake and the disaster that had happened in San Francisco. The similarity between the two texts, “Horrific Wreck of the City” and “Comprehending the Calamity” is that they both want to inform the reader about the disaster and how devastating and dreadful it was. From “Comprehending the Calamity”

  • Comprehending The Calamity Emma Burke Analysis

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    ✩ = delete this part before you begin your final draft! ✩INTRODUCTION: ✩Hook (Find an attention-getting way to start your essay. You can talk about the 1906 earthquake): In 1906 there was an earthquake in San Francisco that hit the coast of northern california at 5:12 a.m on April 18th, 3,000 people died, because of this an author named Emma Burke wrote an article called “Comprehending the Calamity” and an fictitious character named Moon Shadow would like to share their perspective on how their felt

  • The Effect Of The 1906 Earthquake In San Francisco

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    On April 18, 1906 a deadly earthquake struck San Francisco. The people of San Francisco were having a normal day but at 5:13 a.m the earthquake struck. It lasted for 48 seconds it resulted in the city going up in flames. Around 6 o 'clock the flames became more forceful and at 8 o 'clock they made their way into north beach which spread to the hills. The earthquake affected

  • The Great 1906 San Francisco Earthquake

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    process of injecting liquid at high pressure into subterranean rocks, boreholes, etc., so as to force open existing fissures and extract oil or gas. When contractors frack they create manmade Earthquakes. At 5:12 AM on April 18, 1906, the Great 1906 San Francisco Earthquake occurred. The rupture was about two hundred and ninety six miles. According to eyewitness

  • The 1906 Earthquake: Emma Burke's Perspective

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    The Massive Earthquake The earthquake in 1906 was one of the most tragic things that happened in history . Mainly approximately 3,000 people died in this natural disaster .Also a woman named ¨Emma Burke ¨ was one of the survivors to live to write her story . Also the is a story that tells the reader about the 1906 earthquake .The name of that book is called ¨Dragonwings ¨ The disaster was really bad for those who lost their lives and to those who were injured . During this time it made it hard