Physical Geography In San Francisco

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Introduction The city of San Francisco lies amidst the Pacific Ocean, San Francisco Bay and the Golden Gate Strait, California. It is the fourth most populous settlement in California and the second largest population density in the United States. San Francisco is called the pearl of the west coast. It is one of the most beautiful cities in the country, which lies on 43 picturesque hills. The landscape, trams, and distinctive wooden mansions give the city a unique charm. San Francisco is an outstanding representative of the physical geography. The essay aims to investigate the history of the region, the general features of four spheres of physical geography in San Francisco, and forms the possible representation of the future of the area. History …show more content…

There is water on three sides of the city, so the weather significantly affected by cold ocean currents, which leads to the presence of microclimates in the region. The rainy season lasts from November to March, and it snows very rarely. At the end of the summer and from September to October, the city, especially its western regions, suffers from the fog that cannot fall off during the day. This feature of the San Francisco climate the townspeople were able to turn into a tourist attraction. However, peculiarities of the lithosphere of the city can scare the newcomer. The city of San Francisco is in a high seismic activity zone, as very close are faults the San - Andreas (along the San Francisco Peninsula) and Hayward (on the eastern side of the bay). Small tremors come here often enough, but twice throughout its history (1906 and 1989) the city suffered the earthquake damage. The territory of San Francisco is a difficult terrain, as it has about fifty hills. The highest is Mount Davidson (283 meters above sea …show more content…

It is a peculiarity of the region, and most of the citizens do not feel the impact of it. The greatest damage these regular earthquakes occur is the change of position of frames on the wall. The fact would never turn the region into a ghost town, even remembering the beginning of the history of San-Francisco and the Gold Rush. The current economic status of the city received a financial center thanks to the well-known throughout the world of Silicon Valley - a technology center of medical and pharmaceutical industry. Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology have a significant impact on the state economy. Now San-Francisco had changed its special status of the port city in the tourist center, which is beyond the basics of physical geography. Therefore, the original function of the city has changed significantly, but still San-Francisco is one of the most attractive cities in the

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