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  • Alice Hoy Building

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    Abstract The Alice Hoy Building built in the University of Melbourne in 1962, house the department of Optometry and Vision Sciences. The building is 4 stories high and is situated facing Swanston street. The building seems to be made mostly of concrete and glass with some masonry for both aesthetic appeal and function. This report examines the layout and the load paths (both gravitational and lateral) as well as 1 load supporting element - a concrete column - of the Alice Hoy building. Furthermore, the

  • Building Envelope Design

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    Building Envelope plays a key role in determining the required energy for cooling, heating, and lighting of buildings. Proper building envelope design can strongly save energy and enhance indoor environment and occupants’ comfort. Energy modeling is a very powerful tool to simulate energy behavior in the buildings and the effect of the building design in the energy interaction with the surrounding. This allows designers to make alterations to the building design or operation while simultaneously

  • Building Energy Analysis

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    3 MATERIALS AND METHODOLOGY 3.0 INTRODUCTION Energy analysis of buildings helps to simulate the amount of energy used in a building. It is very important as it helps to discover and ascertain new ways of conserving energy and ensuring energy efficiency of building components. Building developers, construction engineers are increasingly interested in creating more energy efficient reason, and for this purpose whole building energy simulation programs are being used to determine strategies that save

  • Historic Building Construction

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    Historic Buildings Abstract This essay is an evaluation of the rooftop extension structure in historic buildings to understand method of attachment of new technologies to historical buildings, it is important to find a way where old and new structure of the built environment can be represented in the future in a balanced way. Through the relationship between historic buildings and contemporary structure has always been a tension in the historic preservation field. In addition, historic buildings need

  • Building Explosion In The Gilded Age

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    In movies and media, building explosion being portrayed as an incredible sight to see however, what most people do not remember that it is a horrific experience that forever imprint onto the viewers. In 1886, a cigar box manufacture unexpectedly caught in an explosion that injured many young man, woman, and children. During 1880s factories are made up of large brick house that consisted of multiple stories high with big windows as the source of light. While workers and business owners knew that the

  • Industrialized Building System Essay

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    Background: The industrialized building system (IBS) is defined as in which all components of the building are made on the site or in factory according to accurate and specific dimension and shape and then transported to the construction project to be erected . The development process of industrialized building system is not new in the construction industry. During the Second World War, there was too much destruction in the United Kingdom caused by the armed groups. Consequently, group of engineers

  • California Building Code Essay

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    government uses the California building code as a set of standards to be imposed on construction. In order to obtain a “Certificate of Occupancy” (which pronounces a building fit to inhabit), the building department inspects the construction project in order to ensure that it complies with California building code. When a building is found lacking or short of the code standards, the inspector will require that corrections be made prior to a certificate being issued. Building Code Construction laws date

  • Xacc/280 Week 4 Building Assessment System

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    Comparisons on Scoring Systems This section will focus on the point systems of the selected four building assessment systems. The point structures of these systems will be discussed and compared in the end. Starting from the BREEAM building assessment system; this system as many other building assessment systems use a single point system for each credit in the related assessment category. Since the weightings of the assessment categories changes, the points gained from the categories that has high

  • Essay On Eco Friendly Building Materials

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    friendly building material is those provide the appropriate service and lifetime, with the minimal maintenance, while minimizing the decimation the raw of material, the pollution from, and also energy consumption by production and use, and that have the maximum potential for the reuse. The use of the Eco friendly building materials and products are represents one important strategy in the design of a building. In addition, the Eco friendly building materials have benefits to the building users such

  • Chrysler Building Research Paper

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    The Chrysler Building in New York Always looking towards the stars, the people still build very high structures. Almost three times bigger than the Great Pyramid of Giza the Chrysler Building is the 65th biggest skyscrapers in the world. According to the American Institute of Architects “the Chrysler Building is a classic example of Art Deco architecture and considered by many contemporary architects to be one of the finest buildings in New York City.” It stands 319.5 meters tall and is the highest

  • RIBA Design Plan

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    The 40 x 50m detached high rise office building of 60-storey high with 3-storey basement of 14m deep is to be built in a construction site of 90 x 100m in urban area. According to the RIBA plan of works, there are several stages including preparation, design, pre-construction, construction and use. The work progress will be shown as follows. Preparation First of all .In the preparation stage, the Appraisal and Design Brief are needed. It needs to gain a full understanding of the both ‘user clients’

  • Frampton: Modern Avant-Garde Architecture

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    The building has a significant power to give meaning to the environment and the concrete things take form according to the situation of topography and landscape. Therefore, the interior and exterior voids on the site interact with each other. Like Norberg-Schulz

  • Postmodern Architecture

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    conviction. Throughout time, architecture has persisted as one of the most profoundly important reflections of culture. (Alexander, Ishikawa and Silverstein, 1977) Building first evolved out of the dynamics between human needs and means. As human cultures developed and knowledge began to be formalized through oral traditions and practices, building became a craft, and "architecture" is the name given to the most highly formalized and respected versions of that craft. (Rondanini, 1981) With the emerging

  • Gothic And Renaissance Architecture

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    architecture and its history in Spain. I will be examining the influences of Europe and other places throughout the world and how Spain adapted them to their own preference. I will take a look and historic buildings such as monasteries and churches and also ancient architectural styles that affected these buildings such as gothic architectural style and the influence of the renaissance. I will compare and contrast the architecture in Spain and how Spain developed in comparison to other European regions with

  • Difference Between Architecture And Interior Design

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    qualify in creating or designing spaces that solve problems or meet the requirements of building owners and that is done through spatial design and planning. The spaces created should be pleasingly structured, safe and functional. Generally speaking, Architects and interior designers creative and artistic individuals who usually have cross-over skills, namely space-planning, are up-to-date with a state’s building codes and regulations and closely examine materials, finishes, furnishings and cabinetry

  • The Haunted House Analysis

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    architecture this can relate to your initial read of the building in relation to its surroundings and our subconscious expectation of the building based on previous experiences. The expectation of the old/known/familiar but actually it isn’t really exactly as you envisaged it, something has been shifted and altered to make you question your preconceptions. For example, in the Sugden house by the Smithson’s, on conjecture you could suppose that the building is the familiar red brick detached house that are

  • Continuity And Space In Richard Wright's An American Architecture

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    treatment of a building as a whole as seen in the work of Louis Sullivan, whose work he appreciates. Moreover, Wright 's idea if continuity touches upon both form and space as well as materials. Also, he talks about the interior of the building and how it should not be treated as something separate from the exterior. He refers to the interior as 'the reality

  • Architectural Expression: Art (Kunst)

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    prerequisites for achieving 'building'. However, to achieve true architecture, one still needed to elevate 'building' to 'building-art'.26 This artistic component regarded mainly the 'form' – the visible, external appearance of the building - which matured during the final stages of the design process, following the resolution and consolidation of more essential, underlying factors, such as the construction.27 Indeed, the form depended on the essence of the building because, to be true, the form

  • Research Paper On Carpentry

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    carpentry are East Mississippi Community College, which prepares students for entry into residential type carpentry. EMCC offers a two semester certificate of proficiency in residential carpentry. Courses offered are blueprint reading, estimating, building, installing, and repairing structures (EMCC Required Courses). The total hours for all carpentry classes offered at EMCC are 39 credit hours. According to the EMCC School website tuition for the EMCC carpentry program is $1,200.00 a semester with

  • Explain The Roles And Responsibilities Of All Parties Involved In The Planning And Design Phases

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    Task 4(a) Explain the roles and responsibilities of all parties involved in the planning and design phases. Projects to design and construct buildings can involve large numbers of people, and on major projects many thousands of people. The structure and composition of the project team tends to change through the duration of the project; some team members might only have a very brief involvement, brining specialist knowledge or supplying specialist components during a particular phase, whilst others