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  • Alice Hoy Building

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    Abstract The Alice Hoy Building built in the University of Melbourne in 1962, house the department of Optometry and Vision Sciences. The building is 4 stories high and is situated facing Swanston street. The building seems to be made mostly of concrete and glass with some masonry for both aesthetic appeal and function. This report examines the layout and the load paths (both gravitational and lateral) as well as 1 load supporting element - a concrete column - of the Alice Hoy building. Furthermore, the

  • Vertical Irregular Buildings

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    inevitable in the design of multistory buildings. This paper presents the study of vertical irregular buildings which have setback at their different elevation points. All the possible shapes of vertical geometric irregular buildings are considered for the study. Parameters that are used for the assessment are internal forces that induce in the critical members of the building. With the help of this study, decisions can be make about providing setback in a building at different elevation points. For

  • Adaptive Conservation Of Building

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    emptiness of a barren continent; and a city without old buildings is like a man without a memory.” Graeme Shankland, A British planner This quote conveys a clear message that it is important for a country to protect its heritage and cultural image through conservation of old buildings. The definition of “conservation of building” is the preservation of building from loss, depletion, waste or harm (Martin E. Weaver, F. G. Matero, 1993). The building conservation issues of good conservation practice raised

  • Tall Building Architectures

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    Introduction This theory aims to provide guidance and minimum standards for the designers of tall buildings in seismically active regions anywhere in the world. A tall building is defined here in as a building of sufficient height for the period of the first translational mode of vibration to exceed 4 seconds or for its height to exceed 50m. However, this can also be used to assess the performance of medium-rise buildings where this is needed. 9.2 Earthquake Earthquake is a shaking of the ground caused by the

  • Building Automation System

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    Building Automation Systems Networking, Benefits, and Challenges A building automation enables various components in a building, to communicate with each other and enhance the living conditions within the space while reducing energy use and operational costs. A basic building automation system (BAS) can monitor parameters such as the temperature, light, humidity, occupancy and activities levels. Then, and using algorithms, adjust the appropriate equipment to suit the program levels. The automatic

  • Building Envelope Design

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    Building Envelope plays a key role in determining the required energy for cooling, heating, and lighting of buildings. Proper building envelope design can strongly save energy and enhance indoor environment and occupants’ comfort. Energy modeling is a very powerful tool to simulate energy behavior in the buildings and the effect of the building design in the energy interaction with the surrounding. This allows designers to make alterations to the building design or operation while simultaneously

  • Building Energy Analysis

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    3 MATERIALS AND METHODOLOGY 3.0 INTRODUCTION Energy analysis of buildings helps to simulate the amount of energy used in a building. It is very important as it helps to discover and ascertain new ways of conserving energy and ensuring energy efficiency of building components. Building developers, construction engineers are increasingly interested in creating more energy efficient reason, and for this purpose whole building energy simulation programs are being used to determine strategies that save

  • Historic Building Construction

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    Historic Buildings Abstract This essay is an evaluation of the rooftop extension structure in historic buildings to understand method of attachment of new technologies to historical buildings, it is important to find a way where old and new structure of the built environment can be represented in the future in a balanced way. Through the relationship between historic buildings and contemporary structure has always been a tension in the historic preservation field. In addition, historic buildings need

  • Essay On Building Construction

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    1. INTRODUCTION: High rise buildings are the most structures that require stability because it they comprises of a lot of frame structure with different width and height. As height increases, rigidity and stability requirements become more significant and they are often the most foremost factors in the design. A fundamental consideration in designing a structure is that of assuring its stability under any type of loading condition. A building is exposed to a large number of different loads. The

  • Disaster Preparedness In Building

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    2.0 Preparedness 2.1Disaster preparedness Disaster preparedness is very important when we want to build the building; it is because it’s related to the lives of people in the building whether it is visitor or staff in the building. The material also important because if disaster happened its will damaged and the value of the material will disappear. That why, we need prepare or be ready to salvation the material or document in the archive and record center. Besides that, if the material is ready

  • Building Construction Research Paper

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    amount of money needs to be invested in Building construction sector as shown in Figure. 1. In which cumulatively residential and service building holds about 29.16 % of the total investments. There is a need to adopt green construction to reduce the demand and dependency on non renewable power supply. The investments should be concentrated on development and promotion of green technologies [2]. Power consumption can be reduced by proper orientation of buildings for using natural sun light for lightening

  • Building Survey

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    2.1 BUILDING MAITAINANCE AND INSPECTION The term of building survey can be defined as ‘the person who making an inspection of building all types, so far as the nature, designed and structure of the building and condition of occupancy and furnishing allow, and preparing a report expressing an opinion on the condition and standards of construction and recommending the extends of any necessary repairs and future maintenance requirements’ RICS (2009) or survey that provides an investigation and assessment

  • Essay About Building Inspection

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    What I Wish I Knew a Year Ago About Building Inspection Building inspections on large and complicated structures can at times be tough, expensive, and risky. More and more developers are nowadays building unique structures unlike the older buildings that had very simple designs. But regardless of the shape, complexity, or size, the developers and owners must comply with several building codes and regulations. These require that the structures adhere to the laid down standards that ensures safety

  • Building Industry Case Study

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    Question 1 The building industry in South Africa is a large multi-faceted industry. It contains contractors of all descriptions. Many of them have their own organisations to look after. There are many organisations and bodies that set the policy of the building industry. These are divided into five groups. All these bodies are dependent upon and continue to co-operate with each other. Group one consists of organisations that deal with building employers’ interests. The two main organisations are

  • Building Explosion In The Gilded Age

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    In movies and media, building explosion being portrayed as an incredible sight to see however, what most people do not remember that it is a horrific experience that forever imprint onto the viewers. In 1886, a cigar box manufacture unexpectedly caught in an explosion that injured many young man, woman, and children. During 1880s factories are made up of large brick house that consisted of multiple stories high with big windows as the source of light. While workers and business owners knew that the

  • Industrialized Building System Essay

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    Background: The industrialized building system (IBS) is defined as in which all components of the building are made on the site or in factory according to accurate and specific dimension and shape and then transported to the construction project to be erected . The development process of industrialized building system is not new in the construction industry. During the Second World War, there was too much destruction in the United Kingdom caused by the armed groups. Consequently, group of engineers

  • Importance Of Building Design In The Philippines

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    residential spaces in the Philippines, condominium buildings are established in different parts of the country. Operating with modern facilities and amenities, and being a high-rise structure with large number of occupants, this type of building demands higher cost for its management and maintenance as compared to other private-owned houses and apartments. With these problems on high maintenance costs and operating expenses, sustainable building design strategies have been developed as an effective

  • Essay About Design Building

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    DESIGN AND BUILDING Introduction Design building has been used for many years and extensively used until today and also become the most method of choice in many situation project. The design building in which a one entity provides to the client or buyer all of the services needed to both design and construction by using a method of project delivery. Owner or client then deals with the main head of the design build firm, discussing about relationships between client and other project need

  • Essay On Building Life Cycle

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    Building Life cycle The international Standard Organization defines Life Cycle as “consecutive and interlinked stages of a product system, from raw material acquisition or generation from natural resources to final disposal” (ISO, 2006, p. 2). Buildings, likes every other product are passing through different phases during life time starting with the transportation and processing of raw materials and transformation into building materials, followed by the construction and related activities, then

  • Essay On Building Superstructure

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    K00183360 Building Superstructure Course Title: Construction Practice Year 2 Subject: Construction Methodology Lecturer: John Costigan Project Brief: Building Superstructure Project Scenario: You are building a two storey house, the substructure is finished. The external wall consists of a brick outer leaf and a block inner leaf. The upper floor comprises of timber joists with T&G flooring boards. I will start off with the substructure it is finished so I can build the walls up as I build the blocks