Earthquakes In Juneau Essay

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Juneau is in a very unique situation. The city faces multiple geologic processes that could be dangerous. These processes can be very hazardous. Some of the hazards the city faces avalanches, earthquakes, heavy snow, landslides, and tsunamis. Although the city faces regular avalanches and the possibility of landslides the town’s major hazard is earthquakes. Earthquakes are the biggest threat to Juneau. The city has a history of very violent earthquakes. The earthquakes in Juneau are caused by crustal stress accumulated by the North American and Pacific plates. The city also experiences activity from the Queen Charlotte-Fairweather fault system. This fault system has caused large earthquakes in the past. Between the North and pacific plates and the Queen Charlotte-Fairweather fault system Juneau has a high risk of serious earthquakes. Juneau frequently has multiple earthquakes a year. Last year Juneau went through over fourteen earthquakes and this year the city has only had six (Earthquake Track, 2015). Most of the earthquakes in Juneau are between two and four magnitude earthquakes. Juneau also has a history of serious earthquakes. The largest …show more content…

Landslides have historically have had an impact on the town. The harsh winter climate that Juneau faces causes permafrost. Permafrost when thawed can cause serious landslides. Between permafrost and human activity landslides in Juneau occur frequently. In the city of Juneau landslides are common but are often very minor. One of Juneau’s most destructive slides occurred in 1936, covering South Franklin Street and killing 15 (Elizabeth, Jenkins 2015). Although deadly landslides aren’t as frequent damage to land is still a problem that the city faces. There is not a lot the city can do to mitigate the dangers. The city of Juneau focuses on preparedness and building codes and ordinances to protect citizens from another deadly

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