Emergency management Essays

  • Essay On Emergency Management

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    Emergency Management Disaster could happen at anytime and anywhere. As mentioned in previous part of this module, disaster can be classified into two categories which are natural disaster and people-caused disaster. The examples of natural disaster include earthquake, tsunami, floods, and epidemic. On the other hand, people-caused disaster consists of terrorism, fires, sabotage and accident. Recently, natural disaster and technological-caused disaster bring about significant losses (Nirupama &

  • Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC)

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    Emergency Management Assistance Compact The lay-person’s definition of EMAC is a legal and binding agreement between States to provide equipment, manpower and other resources, as requested. The compact is the framework to provide the ability for medical, National Guard, law enforcement, animal resources, public health, fire and hazmat to perform their duties in a different state. The compact outlines the payment of costs associated with the assistance and affords tort liability protection, injury

  • FEMA: Emergency Management

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    Introduction A simple definition is emergency management is the managerial function charged with creating the framework within which communities reduce vulnerability to hazards and cope with disasters. Explain why you think FEMA was an agency in trouble at the close of the 1980s? During the early to mid-1980’s FEMA was faced with the daunting challenge of establishing itself as a credible federal agency. In 1982, President Reagan appointed General Louis O. Guiffrida as Director of FEMA. Director

  • Evolution Of Emergency Management

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    Emergency management describes the process of preparing for disasters, responding to their occurrence and putting in place both structural and nonstructural measures to mitigate against them. Emergency management has come a long way in terms of evolution in the United States of America. In terms of evolution, there have been a number of changes with evidence in shift from state to federal and local involvement in disaster management. This paper will thus discuss the evolution of emergency management

  • Four Phases Of Emergency Management

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    Mitigation is the bases of emergency management. It is the effort to lessen the impact that disasters have on people and property. Mitigation can be defined as an action that reduces or eliminates long-term risk to people and property from natural hazards (The four phases of emergency management, n.d.). Mitigation attempts to prevent hazards from developing into disasters. It is different from the other three phases of emergency management because it focuses on long-term measures to reduce or

  • FEMA: The Four Phases Of Emergency Management

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    Emergency Management is a complex system that is used to protect the lives and property of human beings all over the planet. In the United States and within the Department of Homeland Security lies the Federal Emergency Management Agency. According to the FEMA website this agency is responsible for supporting the citizens and first responders in building, sustaining, and improving their capability to prepare for, protect against, respond to, recover from, and mitigate all hazards (FEMA.gov, 2015)

  • Local Emergency Management Committee (LEMC)

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    Appendices The appendices discuss the membership of the local emergency management committee (LEMC), the sources of funding for the planning and mitigation activities, and the community involvement. Appendix 1: LEMC Members In my area, the hazards consist of fire, flooding, tornado, and others. The most recurrent are fire and flooding. The LEMC members are compiled in the following chart. Organizations/Individuals Justification/Reasons of Being Appointed Jurisdiction Level/Local, Regional, State

  • Social Problems In Emergency Management

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    Emergency preparedness can be defined as pre-impact activities that establish a state of readiness to respond to extreme events that could affect the community. It establishes organizational readiness to minimize the adverse impact of these events by means of active responses to protect the health and safety of individuals and the integrity and functioning of physical structures. The emergency preparedness is achieved by planning, training, equipping, and exercising the emergency response organization

  • The Importance Of Emergency Management

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    Emergencies are one of the most complex things to manage because, by very definition, they are completely unpredictable. According the the Merriam-Webster dictionary an emergency is “an unforeseen combination of circumstances or the resulting state that calls for immediate action.” These two element, surprise and urgency, change the typical structure of management as we know it. When tensions are running high several aspects of management become even more crucial such as preparedness, organization

  • The Importance Of Emergency Management

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    As far as I am concerned, emergency management director who lack such leadership principles need to quit. No one would like to follow/work with a director who constantly fails to take responsibility nor would any one work with a director that has no sense of responsibility in his/her subordinates. In emergency management, it is obvious there is no time for reluctance, hence the need to make solid and timely decisions because

  • Emergency Management Interview Paper

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    After requesting an interview with three different leaders in Emergency management I was able to me with SSgt N. Rawn Tarrant IV Contract over-site NCOIC/BOLC TDY travel coordinator. I at first wanted to investigate what inspired him to serve his country. Like most young men, he thought it was a small price of sacrifice to enter the services with the expectations of opportunities it provided once he completed his first term. As the course went on he found himself engulfed it the culture and somewhat

  • Effective Leadership In Emergency Management

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    vast number of people are vulnerable to its many effects. Emergency management promotes pre-planning and preparedness which allows for the mitigation of the effects of disasters. Emergency management and more importantly, preparedness and mitigation efforts at the community level are critical to the survivability of those who may be affected. In every aspect of life there are leaders and there is need for leadership, within the scope of emergency

  • Emergency Management Plan Sample

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    Philosophy pg. 2-3 General Information pg. 3-4 General Staff/Volunteer Expectations pg. 4-5 Professional Development pg. 5-6 Personnel Policies pg. 6-7 Attendance Policies pg. 7 Disciplinary Procedure pg. 8-9 Health and Safety Policies pg. 9-12 Emergency Procedures pg.12-17 Assessments pg. 17-18 Curriculum Planning pg. 18-21 Field Trips pg.21-22 Daily Duties for Staff pg.22 Arrival and Departure pg.22-23 Guidance Strategies pg.23-24 Meals and Nutrition pg.24-25 Infant and Toddler Program Information

  • Human Resources In Emergency Management Organizations

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    service and in emergency management organizations. Therefore, it is essential for personnel in the emergency management community to be knowledgeable about the role HR can play in an emergency management organization, and how it can impact personnel and daily operations. Managing and emergency management organization is not an easy task, therefore many emergency management organizations have begun to see the importance of having HR. Depending on the size of an emergency management organization, HR

  • How To Spread Like A Wildfire

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    for a reason. The term is explaining how something disperses rapidly, which can be very dangerous when dealing with actual fire. People have to keep in mind the many contributions that are involved with planning for a wildfire. I have conducted an emergency plan that will be effective and keep my family out of harm’s way. The planning aspect for a wildfire will affect how safe my family will be during this disaster. My household consists of four people, which include my mom, my dad, my 14 year old brother

  • Cuppa GAO: Coffee With Our Experts: Disaster Assistance

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    There have been many natural disasters in the US recently. Natural disasters like hurricanes and wildfires has hit the country and affected millions of people. The government plays a huge role in the recovery process. They must provide assistance and aid for the disaster victims and get people the help that they need. In the video “Cuppa GAO: Coffee With Our Experts – Disaster Assistance”, they discuss federal disaster assistance efforts and challenges. They discuss how the federal government responds

  • Environmental Stress Perspective

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    My topic is that when will be the best time to carry out psychological interventions for children after severe natural disasters. The relevant theory I choose is environmental stress perspective. In these several years, there are many severe natural disasters, like California wildfires and Hurricane Harvey. After hearing those severe natural disasters, do you know what’s the natural disaster? How can we define it? Now we don’t have a common and accurate definition of natural disaster. From the textbook

  • Essay On New York City Earthquake

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    prior from the earthquake. I will deal with the procedure to establish normal service operation as fast as could be allowed to minimize the effect to business operations. I will try to locate the FEMA administrator, that the agency had spoken with emergency coordinators, reports of injuries or major damage, and requests for federal help as soon as possible. My main goal are to reduce loss

  • Hurricane Katrina Research Paper

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    Introduction The definition of natural disasters is any catastrophic event that is caused by nature or the natural processes of the earth. The severity of a disaster is measured in lives lost, economic loss, and the ability of the population to rebuild. All natural disasters cause loss in some way. Fields saturated in salt water after tsunamis take years to grow crops again. Homes destroyed by floods, hurricanes, cyclones, landslides and avalanches, a volcanic eruption, or an earthquake are often

  • Why Survival Is Important Essay

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    eat. There are tips to follow for quicksand, abandoning a ship, building a teepee or chopping wood. If you find yourself stranded, bringing attention to your location is of utmost importance. The smoke from a fire is a good signal for distress. Emergency strobe lights, bright colored markers, flags and mirrors are also good ways of helping to alert a possible