What Is The Story Of The Yankees In The 1930's

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The Yankees were a great baseball team and still are a great team this research will tell you the wild stories and great wins and the never forgetting moments of the great stars, the manages that led them and the World Series of the New York Yankees Baseball team. The New York Yankees were one of the greatest teams in baseball in the 1930’s and still are; they won eight world series between 1929 and 1939. This proves that the Yankees were a good team back then.

The New York Yankees had many managers in their time but in the 1930’s was some of the best ones. Bob Shawkey was the manager of the Yankees in the 1930 season. He was a great manager during their season. He had a 86-68 record but could not get a World Series win so the team decided …show more content…

The retirement of the Yankees best player, and stars the best people on the team. In 1935 Babe ruth had a bad year and him the the president of the yankees decided it was time for him to retire then again he was also forty years old and he was holding the team down. With the yankees he stats was outstanding he had a .342 batting average 714 home runs 2,873 hits 2,200 plus runs batted in he played every position he even pitched and his win loss ratio was 94-46 which is a great ratio and is outstanding that he played every position in baseball and done so good for each of them. This is what reporters say make him the best played in baseball and they say pitches can’t hit but then you look at Babe Ruth’s stats and change your mind. Lou Gehrig retired in 1939 he was also a outstanding all around baseball player he had a career batting average .340 he had a slugging percentage of .632 was he average a year. He had 493 home runs and he had 1,995 runs batted in and the year he retired in 1939 he was elected to the baseball Hall of Fame and was the first Major League Baseball player to have his uniform number four retired by a team. Now this says a lot this says that he was a better baseball player than Babe Ruth because he got his number retired and it was the first ever number retired in baseball. But then again he did led the team into more world series and was the all around better player. But eventually Babe Ruth got his number retired and everything settled out. These numbers are never to be worn by a yankees player the first yankees numbers retired number three and number

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