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“When Babe Ruth burst onto the national spotlight in 1920 with a 54 homer season, he knocked the baseball world flat on its back” (Babe). On February 6, 1895 George Herman Ruth, Jr. aka Babe Ruth was born. In the beginning of his career, Babe Ruth was originally an exceptional pitcher. During the 1920s he then became widely popular for his powerful hitting and change to the game. Babe Ruth is one of the most famous baseball players, as he changed the game Americans love, forever.
Home Run Record (8-10 sentences)
Babe Ruth shocked the world when he made the switch from amazing pitcher, to setting the home run record in baseball. Ruth was an extreme powerhouse when it came to hitting the baseball.
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He was nothing less than impressive when it came to his skill and knowledge of the game, and that is what made him so fun to watch. His statistics were extremely impressive throughout his career, setting more than one record.
“In 1920, Ruth established a still-standing mark with his .847 slugging average. He followed that with the second-highest mark ever (.846) in 1921. Overall, he owns five of the 10 highest season slugging averages, and his career mark of .690 remains No. 1” (Acocella).
Finishing his career, Ruth ended with a bang holding multiple records and making sure he stayed on top. The power and precision of his swing was rare and is why he was so successful as a professional baseball player.
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People did not attend the games like they used to, and the support dwindled. But Ruth helped bring a positive outlook on the game again. He was the face of baseball and people began to flock to the stadiums just to watch him play.
The popularity of baseball boomed with the help of Ruth.
“The Yankees built this beautiful, huge stadium, because they got so popular from Ruth, and then were able to create this dynasty that they’ve had… The Yankees ended up running both the Giants and Dodgers out of town, because they were so popular” (Jentsch qtd. in “Babe’s”).
With his amazing batting average and new style of baseball, he mesmerized the crowds. He brought in so many fans and money, that his team grew rapidly popular thanks to him. Not only did he draw people into the game, he also changed how the game is played. Changed how the game is played (8-10 sentences) Before Ruth, the game of baseball was dominated by pitchers and was not exactly offense oriented. Once Ruth came, the dynamic of the game changed.
“Though critics did not want to admit it, Ruth was a great hitter. There was no denying that Ruth’s brute strength made him a threat to score every time he stepped up to the plate. Cobb hated Ruth because Ruth broke from the science of baseball”

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