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“Lou Gehrig’s Career, and his Disease”
Do you know where the name Lou Gehrig’s Disease came from? Most people know this Disease as ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) which means the same thing. Effects of this disease: is symptoms that may include fasciculations, cramps, tight and stiff muscles. Lou Gehrig Was 36 when he had this disease. Lou to retire early because of this disease, Lou died two years after retiring from this disease. Not only was Lou Gehrig known for his disease, but as well for his amazing career in baseball. (Biography.com Editors) Henry Louis Gehrig was born in New York City in the Yorkville section of Manhattan, on June 19, 1903. His parents, Heinrich and Christina Gehrig, were German immigrants who had moved to their new country just a three years before having a son. A devoted parent, Christina had worked hard for her son’s athletic pursuits as well …show more content…

His hard-charging career seemed to have caught up with him as his body started to fail him. But Gehrig, who was having trouble simple things like as tying his shoelaces, feared he might be facing something more than just the downslide of a long baseball career. On May 2, 1939, Gehrig voluntarily took himself out of the lineup and his ironman streak came to an end. Not long after, Gehrig retired from baseball.(Biography.com Editors. "Lou Gehrig Biography." The Biography.com) He returned to the Yankee Stadium on July 4 of that year so that the team could hold a day in his honor. Standing on the field where he 'd made so many memories and wearing his old uniform, Gehrig said goodbye to his fans with a short, tearful speech to the crowded b Following Gehrig 's retirement, Major League Baseball circumvented its own rules and immediately inducted the former Yankee into its Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York. In addition, the Yankees retired Gehrig 's uniform, making him the first baseball player ever to receive that honor. ("Lou

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