Daughter Of Fortune Analysis

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Dramatic scene Daughter of fortune is a novel by Isabel Allende. The novel is about Eliza Sommers, an adopted daughter of Miss Rose an unmarried woman and Jeremy who is Miss Rose’s brother. In the early parts of the novel Allende, tell the origin of young Sommers. The reader learns that Eliza is abandoned as a child at the doorstep of Miss Rose and Jeremy’s company. Miss Rose is determined in making the best of Eliza. Eliza is taught how to play the piano, embroidery and cooking. Miss Rose has also plans of sending Eliza to Madame Colbert’s, a school of girls where she would advance her education. The reader is also introduced to Mama Fresia, Miss Rose’s cook and house cleaner. Eliza is delighted in her company, which tend to make Miss Rose …show more content…

There is Miss Rose, who is never married for fear of losing her freedom. Although Miss Rose is never nor has the intension of getting married, she has a secret longing for having children. Her wish is granted on the arrival of Eliza on her doorstep. She takes her in and raises her as her own. Miss Rose love for Eliza is evident with her desire to see that Eliza has become her best. In addition, Miss Rose is secretly jealous of the bond between Mama Fresia and Eliza. Joaquin is disturbed by the fact that her mother is living in poverty and he has no way of changing that. He believes that one day he will make it up to her by providing her with a better life. The news of California gold rush renews his hope. He leaves behind Eliza in belief that one day he will come back for her. The departure of Joaquin stirs a new desire on Eliza. Eliza is more than determine to find her true love. Despite her condition-pregnant- she secretly sets out to find Joaquin. She faces many challenges and her hope is not relinquished. Even after being married to Tao, Eliza confesses her to Tao the love she still bares for Joaquin. John is upset on the realization that her daughter is missing. He develops a longing of being with her daughter again. When he is told of her daughter’s whereabouts, he sets out to find

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