Comparing The Bond Between Father And Son In August Wilson's Fences

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The dynamic between a father and son is never a simple journey, but instead, comes with curveballs thrown left and right. In Fences, by August Wilson, he writes of the hardships between a father and son relationship and the difficulties a father has over trying to shield his son from life’s cruelties, to the salvation found between being fenced in and finally being placed outside of the fence—both literally and metaphorically. Through out the play, there are numerous confrontations between Troy and Cory—whether it be when Cory asks Troy whether or not he loves him or when Cory throws his football helmet towards the direction of Troy—which show the difficult and complicated relationship between father and son. Also prevalent in the play, was the lack of a father and male figure in Troy’s own life, during his most influential and important years. Troy recognizes that and the way he was/is treated by society in general and wanted to “help” his son by showing Cory the difficult lessons Troy learned during his youth, as a way to lessen the pain that would be inflicted on his son later on. For example, Troy refused to allow Cory to play football at a college level because Troy …show more content…

Of course, Gabriel is Troy’s brother and not his son, but through out the play, Troy is unusually kind and patient with Gabriel. Troy treats his brother that way because he already knows the horrors Gabriel had go through in his life. Gabriel fought in World War 2 for his country, was severely injured, and came back home to a country and a society that still rejected him—for the color of his skin. Yet, the government gave Gabriel a certain reparation for his injury, but Troy accepted that money on his own to buy his house. Evidently, because of Gabriel’s circumstances and Troy’s usage of Gabriel’s money, he feels guilty and decides to do anything/everything for his

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