Compare And Contrast Essay On Cuban Embargo

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The United States has had an ongoing embargo with Cuba. An embargo is when there is a ban against a trade from a particular country. The United States has imposed it upon Cuba. This happened on October 19th, 1960, signed by John F. Kennedy. The US placed an embargo on Cuba except for food and medicine. On February 7th, 1962 it was extended in which the embargo included all items and imports. American citizens weren’t even able to do business with Cuba. Although there may be many difference or similarities, the United States has had an ongoing embargo with Cuba, President Obama wants to lift the embargo and open relations with Cuba and Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton's both has views on opening trade with Cuba.
Hillary Clinton wanted to call a meeting for her campaign to lift the embargo against Cuba. In her campaign she states, "...will highlight that Republican arguments against increased engagement are part of failed policies of the past and contend that we must look to the future in order to advance a core set of values and interests to engage with Cubans and address human rights abuses" says CNN. Before she felt that there should be no lifting of the embargo because there hasn’t been change but …show more content…

On April 16th, 2009, President Obama soothed the travel ban and allowed Cuban- American to travel freely to Cuba. In 2014, it was announced that Obama wanted to re-open relations with Cuba. In 2015, restrictions for US citizens to travel to Cuba was lighten which allowed travel to the country. But this was just strictly for missionary work and education. Visits for tourism was still banned. The two presidents, President Obama and President Castro met in April, 2015. This was the first meeting between the two countries in over 50 years. Several American companies was granted access to travel through ferry between Florida and Cuba. Still, the travel for tourism still remains

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