Puerto Rico Should Become A State Essay

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Puerto is one of the Caribbean Islands it has a landscape of lush greenery. It has beautiful green mountains, waterfalls, and tropical rainforest. It is famous for its sandy beaches and coral reefs and very vulnerable to attack. Puerto Rico should become a state because it is already a US territory and an ally of the United States ,also it should become a state because Puerto Rico’s government has asked the US for it to make Puerto Rico a state numerous times. finally Puerto Rico should become a state because we can get a lot of money due to the large amount of tourist that go to the territory.
Peurto is not a state, but it is a united states territory.It became a territory in 1898. It became a territory following the Spanish American War. The island became a US territory in the Treaty of Paris. The island has been a territory ever since. The people of Puerto Rico are natural born US citizens and are governed by a constitution. It is the most populated of all US territories. Its form of currency is the US dollar and has a population of 3.548 million.
Reasons Puerto Rico might not become a state is because 41% of its people live in poverty. Also there is a 13% unemployment rate on the island. Most people in Puerto Rico, speak only spanish with 95% of people speaking spanish. Many things …show more content…

They have been loyal for 117 years. They have asked to make it to become a state and it has good reason. They want to join the government and become apart of the legal system. Although it has a lot of debt it can bring a lot of money into the states that can be put to good use. Puerto Rico can be trusted to uphold the morals of the US government because they have as a territory. In a vote 61 percent of Puerto Rican citizens voted for statehood. Citizens of Puerto Rico have shown nationalism for the US by waving the United States flag and supporting the

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