Relative Location In Australia

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Relative location is defined as, “a point or place in relation to another point or place” according to (“Relative Location,” 1) Relative location when it comes to transportation and communication accessibility often describe points or places that are not necessarily close in proximity. Instead the definition uses relative ease of the transportation of goods and people and the ability to easily communicate between points. In comparison between relative location and relative location based on communication and transportation, relative location does not change between two given points over time, but the relative location based on communication and transportation does change based on the relations between the two points. Relationships …show more content…

Once Australia’s development neared the development of Great Britain, Australian’s no longer needed Great Britain’s involvement in their government. Without the need of Great Britain’s help, Australia and Great Britain relations slowly dwindled. By the late 1900’s Australia, New Zealand and other surrounding countries switched their trade and communications to the countries closer in relative location (“Chapter 12…,” 1). Due to Asia being much closer to New Zealand and Australia then Great Britain, the relations between the Pacific Rim’s Southwest Anchor and Asia became much stronger than that of previous relation with Great Britain (“Chapter 12…,” 1). With further development of Australia and the surrounding countries the relationships greatly change.
The current relations of the Pacific Rim’s Southwest Anchor are still similar the past relations. Due to Australia and New Zealand developing into modern countries, the relations have spread around the world. Australia and New Zealand still do most their trading with surrounding countries, but they have developed better relations with many countries. Australia and New Zealand now have worldwide trade routes and

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