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Chapter 1:
CULTURAL ANALYSIS The chapter pertains to the cultural environment of Fiji. We try to research and examine everything about the customs, traditions, beliefs, behaviors, and practices of Fijians to find out what will be our product. The introduction, tells us the main points in Fiji’s cultural analysis.

Fiji is an island and tropical country surrounded by 330 islands with two major islands, the Viti Levu and Vanua Levu. Fiji is known for being the tourists spot in the South Pacific. Fiji is one of the most developed economies in the part of pacific because of the forest, mineral, and fish resources. Recently, Fiji’s main sources of foreign exchange are the tourist industry and sugar exports. The country has a convincing …show more content…

Fijians always find something to spend their free time. We considered this as a great chance to build a mall that is open for everyone. We decided to build this kind of business to give Fijians an opportunity to have a work since 8.8% increase of the unemployment rate in Fiji. It is also for gaining the attention from other country since the mall we are going to establish is going to be the largest and tallest mall ever in the history of Fiji. Dela Mana Mall is a 24/7 open mall for everyone. Fijians is known for being a risk taker that is why they are willing to try something new. We are aiming that our business is going to be the trademark of Fiji. So, it is decided to build our business in Fiji’s capital, Suva the second largest populations of Fijians. Suva is a center business of Fiji which is easy to attract customers. As we analyzing and considering all the stated facts, we will establish a Mall – Dela Mana Mall, Ready to Serve 24/7.

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The islands show that most of volcano in origin with a significant number of the smaller islands that build up of coral deposits. Fiji is consisting of some of the largest mountains in the island countries in the south pacific with the highest mount Tomonivi in the center of viti levu at 1324 meters. The largest island of Fiji are Viti levu, vanua levu, Tareuvi and kadavi that has a number of mountains with fertile files and rolling hills. Land mass in Fiji is consist of small volcanic and coral islands. It features the mountains land is about 12,400 sq km, hills 2,700 sq km and flat land is 2,800 sq km. Fiji is consist of 320 islands with 1/3 being permantly inhabited. over 500 small island is called islets, basically rock, sandbar, or p/ Some of it are permantly above the sea level while others are visible at low

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