Not Changing Australia Day Essay

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The issue of not changing Australia day can be very sensitive to indigenous people The date suggestion of moving Australia day to another date is 1st of January, 25th of April (Anzac day) or the 1st of September (wattle day). The solution that Smith proposed was January 26th is a date that’s orientated towards when we gained our independence from British rule or perhaps a date bases on when Mathew Flinders when he first used the word ‘Australia’. The intended audience of this article is everyday Australian multi-cultural Australians. Smith focuses most of his attention trying to persuade people to change 26th of January (Australia day) to change it to First Fleet Day instead. In this article the truth is January 26 should be first fleet day, not Australia day by Smith in the …show more content…

In this article by Smith, there is an image that represents Australia things like generation y, tracks, flag icon of Australia, union jack, outback Australia, white young Australians, holding the Australian flag (settling) and smiling.

Smith further argues that indigenous people survived and managed the land well; consequently modern Australia should try and get indigenous people to get them to feel like they belong in our country Australia. The sense of nurture is included in this article by smith when he uses the words fragile, nurtured and carefully managing. The effect of the article by Smith when the reader reads the article it makes them feel that the land belongs to no one when smith argued the words “terra Nullius.”

In this article Smith attempts to gain readers support by using an anecdote that for some years now he has been arguing is to recognise that “national day must start with celebrating the truth”. It’s not an opinion that has always been popular Smith argues. The technique that smith used in this article was

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