Ww2 Propaganda Analysis

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Conservation Propaganda during WWII
When most people think of propaganda they think of dark, ferocious images, with the artist being some psychopath that no one likes. I’m positive you’ll be surprised when you learn that Dr. Seuss, the beloved children's author known for his fun, welcoming stories, published racist propaganda posters; “there is a disconnect between what we usually think of as Dr. Seuss and the content of the cartoons.” (Springfield Library). This goes to show that propaganda artists can be anyone and everyone, the image above is a lighter version of WWII propaganda. This artist used text, color, and imagery during WWII, and he/she included a pig, or a hog, to show that if you use all the hot water you’re a dishonorable hog …show more content…

The image illustrates a pig taking a shower and shaving. The steam indicates that the water is indeed hot. Using a lot of hot water was considered a waste because they really needed to conserve and help one another out during this dark time in history. After this hog uses all the hot water, everyone else has to use cold water; and now the troops are having to eat less or they cant send them money for beds because of this selfish guy took all the hot water. Meanwhile, we still have to analyze the pig itself. The pig has very exaggerated features; for example, the big eyebrows and nose. The eyebrows are arched therefore making the pig look angry and a bit scary. The short, unstyled hair indicates that the pig doesn’t take care of himself. All of these images were used …show more content…

First, we’ll talk about the bull colors; the author used an almost white, but kind of dirty, sheet of paper to draw on and used black and grey to draw most of the images in the picture. The author used colors like this to really allow the little color in the image to pop. The author also took a lot of time to shadow, they even shadowed the water coming out of the sink. The only other color in the whole poster is red, and pink but pink is just red with white. Red, or pink, is used twice in this poster once for the pig itself and the other for the words “Hot Water”. Pink was used on the pig because pigs are naturally pink. Red was used for the word “Hot Water” so that they really stand out, plus red usually means hot. If you look closely in the top right corner you can see the words “post in latrines only.” Latrines are bathrooms. This certain propaganda artist used color, text, and imagery to manipulate

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