Carry That Weight Day Of Action Essay

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For my civic engagement activity, I decided to participate in the October 29th “Carry That Weight Day of Action.” On this day, students of many universities across the United States took action to support survivors of sexual and domestic violence. This national day of action is inspired Emma Sulkowicz, who started carrying her dorm mattress around the Columbia University campus, and still continues to, until her rapist is expelled from Columbia University. Students of Columbia University followed in her footsteps as they carried their mattresses around campus to support Sulkowicz and her cause. Eventually, this trend spread to hundreds of colleges and high schools around the country in which they organized local events along with thousands of individuals participating on their own with one goal in common—to carry the weight together against sexual and domestic violence. By participating in this event, I helped to raise awareness of sexual and domestic …show more content…

President Barack Obama signed into law the expanded protections for domestic violence victims. The Violence Against Women Act saw revitalization after Sulkowicz’s case in which it does not only benefit women, but also gay rights advocates and Native Americans who will receive more protection. Also, this incident catalyzed the feminist movement and perhaps more importantly the feminist vote. Democrats are more likely to be in favor of the equality of women and subsequently enjoy an overwhelmingly large majority of the feminist vote. The topic of equality for women has become a hot topic for voters to vote on in their candidates. Therefore, candidates have to take this issue seriously when campaigning in hoping of winning an election. Despite feminism rightfully on the rise, this event at Columbia University has stemmed a fiery crusade against sexual violence and domestic violence on college campuses around the world, especially in the United

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