Differences In The Excerpts Of The Other Wess Moore

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In the excerpts of The other Wess Moore, both Wess went through a hard childhood. During those times tho there was a very distinct difference that carved their paths for them. Author Wess explains three main differences that chose their paths, those three were the different pathos, cause and effects, and tones. There were a lot of different emotions (pathos) for Wess he admits “I have done things I deeply regret” (Moore). This explains how author Wess has gone through many hard times and has taken action in something that he should have not been involved in. Because of that mistake, he has learned not to do those things again and can help kids not make the same mistakes. Author Wess also tells us “I have fought battles I should not have engaged …show more content…

One of the first things the author Wess talks about is having a strong mentor If a young adult or child doesn't have a strong mentor they will make the wrong decisions and will end up getting in a lot of trouble that they thought was normal. Now if you have a strong mentor a young adult or child will know what's more right from wrong and will make better decisions to keep them out of trouble and help them become successful. Author Wess recommends we “Follow the only models available” (Moore), as kids who grow up in a low-poverty neighborhood or inner city there aren’t a lot of good models out there to follow so you need to take the opportunity if there is a good one to follow after what they do to help give you advice on how to become successful and stay more out of trouble. Kids need good mentors to know what's right from wrong so if they don’t try and find someone who is a good role model and they just settle with someone who isn’t a good role model they will become like them and make bad decisions and will end up in big

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