Character Analysis: Touching Spirit Bear

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Coles's troubled life proceeds him as he is now facing jail time for nearly beating a kid to death. In the book Touching Spirit Bear, Cole is the main character of this book and goes through many challenges throughout the book, good and bad. Everyone has a different lifestyle but everyone goes through the Circle of Life. People in Cole’s life affect him positively for the better by helping him control his anger and helping his life back on track for success. Cole’s dad negatively impacted Cole’s healing and forgiveness. To begin, “Cole’s father jumped to his feet. I don't beat you, and you know that. His face flushed red. I’ve given you swats when you deserved them.” “You’re still lying,” he shouted. You're usually too drunk to know your own name!” With Cole’s dad being an alcoholic, he was abused frequently. This increased Cole’s frustration and he started totake out on other people. Cole and his father fighting at the Circle Justice meeting only created more tension with each other. Cole’s process of healing and trying to forgive others wasn’t going to be solved as long as his dad was around. In …show more content…

Edwin gives Cole the ancestor rock which he pushes up the hill which is his ancestors and when he lets it roll down the hill it represents him letting his anger go which helps him deal with his anger management. Edwin gives Cole a second chance and lets him come back to the island. Edwin makes rebuild the shelter which teaches him valuable lessons. The main thing that helps Cole was the anger dance that Edwin has him do and after he is not controlled by his anger but has to live with it. Edwin changes because he helps Cole, and can share his culture with Cole, and it helps Cole control his anger by doing some of their costumes. In conclusion, Edwin has a big impact on Cole, helping Cole control his anger so that Cole can go back to normal life and can live with his

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