Climate Change In Canada Essay

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Impacts Climate Change Has on Various Parts of Canada
Climate change is causing significant and extensive impacts on various regions of Canada, profoundly affecting both the economy and the daily lives of its citizens. According to the Climate Institute, the Canadian economy has already experienced negative effects as a result of climate change, with households enduring most of these consequences. An analysis done shows "climate impacts will cost Canada billions, making life less and less affordable for households as economic growth slows, governments raise taxes to pay for climate disasters, job losses increase, and goods become more expensive due to disrupted supply chains", resulting in significant difficulties for all citizens. But climate …show more content…

In contrast, Arctic regions are experiencing the melting of sea ice and permafrost at an unusually high rate, causing coastal erosion and the loss of wildlife habitat, and "As the glaciers and Arctic ice melt, sea levels will also rise, increasing the risk of coastal flooding". The effects of climate change are likewise affecting Canada's beloved and iconic white Christmas phenomenon. According to CTV News, this cultural custom is being disrupted by shifting weather patterns, with warmer temperatures and less snowfall becoming increasingly common. Lastly, the CBC and FutureLearn articles add to the list, with multiple key ways climate change is affecting many of Canada’s ecozones' environments through extreme ecological degradation, altered biodiversity, shifts in species distribution, and endangerment, as well as increased difficulties for humans associated with rising waters, poor drainage, extreme heat and weather, and other factors that may not only displace but completely alter millions of lives. Overall, climate change is affecting Canada's economy, natural wonders, and people in every way imaginable. As climate-related challenges continue to intensify, urgent action is needed to reduce the negative effects and build a more durable,

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