Should Internationalism Be Pursued Essay

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To What Extent Should Internationalism be Pursued?

“The most tragic paradox of our time is to be found in the failure of nation-states to recognize the imperatives of internationalism.” Earl Warren (14th Chief Justice of the USA) The author of this source is explaining the fatal flaw in how nation states are governed. This fatal flaw is the neglection and underuse of internationalism. This is a major problem in today 's world where many problems such as terrorism, human and crop disease and economic instability, are compounding at rate faster than national ingenuity can keep up. Thus, if these issues are going to be tackled, nation-states must begin to use an open sourced collaborative model to combat these problems. For this reason, internationalism should be pursued to the highest extent in order for the human race to survive.

When people or nations work together the spread of ideas and resources are greatly increased. In a world full of greed and corruption, the need for countries to start working together and join as one is essential. For instance,the threat of climate change has come to light in recent years. This threat is not going to be solved by one nation reducing their …show more content…

With more countries pursuing internationalism ideals, the security of nations is increased. For example, organizations such as NATO or NORAD have done excellent jobs when dealing with the security of North America. Think of walking in the middle of a large city a t night, is it better to be alone or in a group. This is exactly the same for countries in conflicts. Internationalism is of great importance in the safety and security of countries.Therefore, internationalism should be pursued to the highest

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