Essay On Globalization And Education

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Globalization is the process of transformation of the whole world into the global village, and it means that the borders of countries are open to reciprocal integration and connection. All governmental systems in both developed and developing countries were under the influence of various globalization processes. Regarding education, it is considered that developing countries felt significant impact of the globalization processes in the last 40 years. Globalization and education are considered as an intertwined set of global processes affecting education, such as worldwide discourses on human capital such as are lifelong learning, the knowledge economy and technology, English as a global language; multilateral organizations and multinational corporations. Educational discourses generally assign to human capital, lifelong learning for improving job skills, and economic development, because most governments prioritize the developing the human capital to stimulate economic progress. Developing countries were obliged to follow the generally accepted rules of education due to various global discourses which were fostered by globalization. Some of these discourses are lifelong …show more content…

The economic competition forced by the globalization is obviously the main motive for the reshaping the education systems in many countries. Global information and communication technologies, mass media and international NGOs contribute to reforms in education directly or indirectly. International organizations inflict their policy interests, objectives and philosophies to developing countries through conditionality related to lending. The discourses of knowledge economy, life-long learning, international testing and technology are found to be the main concern of education policy in developing nations; these have thus become in effect globalized education policy

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