Challenges Of Globalization And Law

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Globalization and Technology
Globalization has completely transformed the way in which the world and its people interact. Earlier there were several roadblocks in the ability to communicate and interact with the people worldwide. But now, the world is becoming more and more globalized in all spheres: Business, financial, social, economical, etc.
Over the years, a lot of technological advancements have come into picture including the changes in the field of Information Technology, having a significant impact on the global landscape.
This evolution in Information Technology and the major innovations made in it is a major driving force behind globalization, which actually set the cart rolling.
Globalization and Law
This concept can rather be understood as ‘GLOBALIZATION OF LAW’. Globalization of Law includes the translocal networks of local laws as well as the complex interaction between the nation, state and its law .
Focus can also be drawn towards the growing advocacy of courts in handling political conflicts and restructuring economies. In recent years, legal scholars, political scientists and social scientists in Western countries have explored the trend of ‘judicial internationalization’, meaning the increased interaction between judges from different jurisdictions around the world . It has been suggested that courts, in particular the

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