Hsc300 Unit 1 Assignment

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On 10-03-2015 at 2018 hours I responded to 599 Pine (Casey 's) in reference to counterfeit bills. Upon arriving I made contact with Store Manager Laura Isaac and Officer Woodruff. While Isaac was pulling up surveillance footage she explained that a female had attempted to pay for gas and other items with a counterfeit twenty dollar bill. I seized the note, it has been entered into evidence as #18596. Isaac also explained that the female arrived in a vehicle which she described as a grey short cab dodge truck. The video depicted a female wearing a grey hooded sweatshirt and a pink hat and a grey shirt with skull and cross bones. After departing Officer Woodruff called out that he had a vehicle matching the description of the vehicle described at Casey 's, and had made contact with the vehicle at Pine and B. …show more content…

I had the female step out of the vehicle when she did I told her to get her bag as well, she said it was not her bag. At this time I removed the bag from the vehicle and sat it on the toolbox located on the bed of the vehicle. The female then went to speak with Officer Woodruff. I later took the bag to Officer Woodrufff while he was speaking with the female. At this time a computer check reveled that Green had several warrants. Green was placed in handcuffs checked for proper fit then double locked and placed in my patrol car. A search incident to arrest revealed that Green had three twenty dollar bills on his person. Of the three twenty dollars bills one matched the serial number of the counterfeit bill which I had just seized from Casey 's. The note was seized from Green and placed into evidence as #18595. Green was transported to booking for processing then later lodged at the Butler County

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