Silver Mun Observation

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On 12/09/2015, at approximately 1518 hours, this Officer received a call via radio and directed to Main and Lloyd Street for a pedestrian who was struck by a vehicle. This officer and Officer Brown responded to the scene. When Officers arrived on scene I observed a 93 year old female lying in the middle of Main Street (State Route 924). The female was later identified as Agnes E. Ferguson (DOB: 7/24/22) who resides at 37 West Coal Street Shenandoah, PA 17976. A silver Subaru was stationary in the northbound lane of Main Street (SR 924) near Agnes. Officers learned that the silver Subaru was the vehicle that struck Agnes. Agnes was concsious and alert when I arrived on scene. I observed a facial laceration in the area of Agnes ' forehead which was actively bleeding and formed a small puddle of blood on the roadway. There was an individual on scene prior to police arrival who placed a rag on Agnes ' head and held pressure on the wound until an ambulance arrived. When Shenandoah Ambulance arrived on scene they assessed Agnes ' injuries. This officer observed black marks on the back of Agnes ' coat and pant leg. The black mark on her coat was consistant with the driver 's side mirror and the black mark on her pant leg appeared to have been from the driver 's side tire of the silver Subaru stationwagon. Agnes was placed in the rear of the ambulance and transported to Schuylkill Medical Center South Hospital. …show more content…

While EMS (Emergency Medical Services) personel was tending to Agnes this Officer interviewed three individuals who related they observed the accident. Officer Brown spoke with the operator of the silver Subaru who was identified as Madelon Rita

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