Essay By Richard Perez-Penasept: Article Analysis

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Cheating is nothing new to society. It has been seen over the years in schools and in life. Today, however, the cheating epidemic is out of control. In an essay written by Richard Perez-penasept, he shows us the facts of how cheating is out of control, and how a new set of rules on how to deal with cheating might be necessary. New competitive mindsets, easier access to online sources, and lack of integrity are reasons why schools should have more strict penalties against cheaters.
Schools are pushing students to be more competitive in the classroom, rather than showing students how to collaborate. The students of today are being pushed to do better than their other peers. This pressure that is being caused by teachers and parents alike is causing students “...to excuse more from themselves and other students…” (para. 4) says Donald L. McCabe. Students just are not trying anymore. So much is expected that they figure the only way to do this task is to cheat to make sure it gets done in time. …show more content…

Cheating over the internet is nothing new to the youth of the world right now, and it is said by Perez to be “...enabling students to connect instantly with answers, friends to consult and works to plagiarize” (para. 6). This type of behavior is seen in many different ways and on many different platforms. Texting, for example, is one of the most widely used types of communication, and through this, cheating is just becoming easier. A recent study done by Jeffrey A. Roberts and David M. Wasieleski shows “...that the more online tools college students were allowed to to complete an assignment, the more likely they were to copy the work of others. It seems like this cheating problem is just in our younger society, but this reaches out into college level classes and into the real world. Cheating has been happening for a long time now, and it is about time something is done about

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