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“Since “everyone else” is cheating, they have no choice but to do the same to remain competitive. And there is growing evidence many students take these habits with them to college.” (McCabe, Donald and Pavela). More and more colleges are using the honor codes. The honor code has helped to prevent cheating. The students who use the honor codes become good citizens in the future. Honor codes are helpful because there are expectations, no more cheating and social codes. Honor codes can only work if the school has expectations for their students. To begin, some say that because of our culture that the schools can not expect student to tell their peers for cheating (Fleischmann 113). Well if the honor code is in place, teachers and their peers …show more content…

One example is, cheating has become a real problem, Fleischmann says that, “A 1995 study found that 71% of students that do not have an honor code have cheated”(Fleischmann 116). Honestly, that is a lot of people cheating in school. So they place in the honor code to decrease that number. Another example is, McCabe, Donald, and Pavela claim that “high levels of cheating that exist in many American high schools, with roughly two-thirds of students acknowledging one or more incidents of explicit cheating in the last year”(McCabe, Donald, and Pavela). They believe since there is such a high level of cheating in high school that it becomes a habit they bring to college with them. The last example is, but since there are colleges using the honor codes they find that “many schools with academic honor codes allow students to take their exams without proctors present, relying on peer monitoring to control cheating” (McCabe, Donald, and Pavela). The colleges find that when they use honor codes they can trust their students and their peers to see if there was any form of cheating. But if they did not use the honor codes they would have to monitor the class and see if anyone was cheating or not. They find that with the honor codes they have less cheating then without the honor

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