Ethical Theory: Decision Theory And Decision Making Theory

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• Ethical Theories An ethical theory is a decision model .These theories depicts the viewpoints from which people seek guidance as they make decisions. Each theory highlights different points, different decision making style or a decision rule. Ethical theories are based on individual’s ethical ideology these theories allow a person to find an answer to an issue, to make a morally right decision or to justify a decision. These theories challenge what an individual think is right and wrong. Some of ethical theories are given in detail below. • Utilitarianism: Utilitarian ethical theories are based on person’s ability to foretell the reaction of a particular action. It is part of a normative ethics that is the study of ethical actions or ethics that define morality of actions. According to utilitarianism pleasure or happiness is the only thing that truly has essential value. This theory consider actions if actions are right they promote happiness if actions are wrong they promote unhappiness and everyone’s happiness counts equally. There are two types of utilitarianism act utilitarianism and rule utilitarianism act utilitarianism states that person’s actions are morally right if it produces best possible results in particular situation. Rule utilitarianism stats that correct…show more content…
It considers that moral act itself has moral value for example telling the truth is always right even when it may cause harm or pain. This theory is based on the supposed state of nature. According to this theory humans should use their ability of reason to discover how nature is in order to determine how we should act. Golden rule is an example of natural law states that “Do unto others as you would have them do unto
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