Mrs. Berrand: Personal Accomplishment

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Mrs. Berrand falls into the Black minority group and identify themselves as members of the low middle class. She completed high school in her country, but was unable to pursue higher education due to financial difficulty. She claimed there is no college graduate in her family so far, but most of the members of her generation, including her, were high school graduated. She values education and would like her children to have a higher education. When she arrived in the United States, she did different kinds of jobs with minimal wages until she had a chance to be trained as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) after 3 years that she had been in America. She works full time in a Long Term Care facility where she works very hard, providing personal …show more content…

Berrand replied to me, she was blessed through her entire life. At 72 years old, she maintains a good health, which she feels she is able to care of herself. She is not taking any medication. Except two years ago, she realized that her vision was decreased a little bit, which caused her to wear a corrective lenses. She also stated as a Catholic, she considered her marriage and the birth of her children as one of the proudest accomplishment in her personal life. The second outstanding accomplishment was her LPN license, which helps her, being part of a Nursing Home team that she was able to deliver care to many elderly. The last one she mentioned was one of her children graduation as a physical therapist. She described to me these are being the proudest accomplishment that she will never forgot in her entire …show more content…

Or a specific family member - Mrs. Berrand answered that families are very important to her, and have played a major impact on the way she grew up and become as an adult. She did not raised in a wealthy family. But her dad, worked very hard provides bread on the table. Mom used to taking care of the household activities; I never seen mom being mad one day. My brothers and I never had the opportunity to have any toy during Christmas time, since we were living on a tight budget. When we received one toy from the neighbor, we have learned to share this toy. They taught us that playing outside was really fun. My parents tried to give us a better life than they had. I have been discipline by both of my parents, but I never been abused, and mistreated by any of them or by any families member. No matter what, my family have always been there for me, teaches me some moral value, how to respect, forgive, and appreciated every day that I am living for. The values and teaching passed on to me from my parents will stay the guiding me for who I am today, and for the rest of my live. Mom and Dad were my

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