Personal Narrative: My Hispanic Background Communication

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My parents moved from Colombia to the United States before I was born. I am apart of the first generation in my family that was born here. My parents moved with the single hope of giving me a better life with more opportunities. Having this background has definitely impacted my life in both trivial and meaningful ways. For instance, my father not being able to break through the language barrier has been an integral part of my lifestyle. He has been living in this country for a while now, but has never picked up English fluently. This led me to become his translator for as long as I can remember. Even today I accompany him to his workplace to help close deals and talk to contractors. This was but one of many examples of how my Hispanic background …show more content…

This was especially made more evident to me whenever my parents explained their backgrounds and the dreams they had for me. The highest education my father ever achieved was high school and my mother managed to make it to college. However, both of them were not able to achieve their educational dreams. There were many factors in which played for them not being able to fully realize their goals; such as money and family. Because of this they both wish for me to be able to accomplish my dreams and they were adamant that there was no place better to do that than the United States. They instilled in my brain that education is the key for success and happiness, which has always made me try my best in all of my educational pursuits. I do this not only to show appreciation for what my parents have done for me, but for my own sake as well. I am fully aware that there are countless people all over the world that would give anything just to be able to be apart of this country. This gives me the motivation to always push myself to achieve the highest education possible and to go above and beyond to make something out of my

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