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Tasman Graham Ms. Wong NBE3U May 15th 2023 The Crucial Role of Family and Familial Relationships in Shaping Identity In the novel “Moon of the Crusted Snow” Waubgeshig Rice depicts family and familial relationships as essential components in the formation of the Anishinaabe people’s identity during a time of crisis. It highlights the significance of intergenerational knowledge, cultural and traditions, and community and support in shaping individual and collective Identities. While reading, an unexpected and severe storm isolates an indigenous village in Northern Ontario cutting off their access to the outside world. The characters in the novel are greatly biased to what their family and tradition support. Intergenerational knowledge is …show more content…

Cultural traditions establish a direct relationship to one's ancestors and ancestry. It provides a sense of belonging and helps people to connect with their cultural identities. The characters' commitment to Anishinaabe traditions and practices helps them keep a connection to their Indigenous origin and shapes their individual and communal identities in the novel. Cultural traditions are usually practiced within the framework of a community. They draw people together, cultivating a sense of belonging, shared experiences, and mutual support. Participating in traditions within the family and community builds ties and alliances based on a shared heritage and identity. Cultural traditions also give people a rich tapestry of experiences, tales, and symbols that help them develop their identities. Individuals in the story get a better awareness of their history, beliefs, and cultural practices through participating in these traditions. This information, in turn, impacts their self-perception, perspective, and interpersonal interactions. An example where this is shown in the novel is when Dan said “Well done my boy! Now do it in your own Native language” (Pg 171) This is when Dan is talking to his young ones and they are counting numbers. They originally count it in English but Dan wants them to carry on the Native language and count as the tradition …show more content…

The story is set in an isolated Indigenous village in northern Ontario, Canada, and it explores how the community of individuals deals with a sudden social breakdown as well as the obstacles they encounter in protecting their society. As the community deals with the consequences of societal breakdown, they recognize the value of interdependence and mutual assistance. The community gathers together to share resources, talents, and labour, forging a cooperative and solidaristic collective identity. They overcome difficulties and maintain their way of life by working together. Individual and community identities can be reinforced and redefined as a result of the community's response to the crisis. Individuals gain a deeper sense of who they are as individuals and how they fit into the greater community framework as a result of shared experiences, struggles, and accomplishments. An example in the novel where community and support in familial relationships help build identity is when it said “The comfort and familiarity of his community and the pull of the land made him a proud rez life”. (Pg 20) This quote shows that"Comfort and familiarity" imply that Evan finds refuge and security inside their group. This suggests that the community gives them a sense of belonging and emotional support, which helps them create their own identity. Another quote that shows how the community can

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