Character Analysis: Confetti Girl

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Differences between people have been around since the begin of mankind, they have started great disasters such as every war ever started, deaths, and sometimes disappears. In the nonfiction passage Confetti Girl, by Diana Lopez, and the nonfiction text from Tortilla Sun, by Jennifer Cervantes, both the narrator's point of views differ from those of their parents, therefore creating conflict between each other. In Confetti Girl, the narrator is the little girl that feels her father is ignoring her because he cares too much about literature. In Tortilla Sun the other little girl feels her mother cares only about getting her degree and is not concerned about the needs of the girl. In Diana’s story the tension is created when the girl is not treated the way she was used to, and when her father is not listening to her conversation, in Jennifer’s story tension rises when things don't go the right way, and when bad news is given. For Confetti Girl the little girl's differences with her father create conflict. One example is when …show more content…

The first example is when the mother said, “ ‘I’m going to Costa Rica to finish my research. I’ll be gone for most of the summer, I leave Tuesday’… ‘I don't have a choice’... ‘But what am I supposed to do? That’s three whole months’” (paragraph 9 and 11). This shows that the girl is thinking that her mother is evil for leaving her, but her mother is lonely leaving so she can eventually get a better job and give them a better future. The last example is,“ ‘are you sending me to New Mexico…’ ‘Why can’t I go with you?’” (paragraph 18 and 22). This finally proves that tension is created when the girl does not understand why she can't go with her mother either. Above all the tension grew because of the lack of the girls understanding when the mother said she will be gone most of the summer and that she will be living her

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