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Growing up as a woman has been quite difficult in this generation, however, growing up around thirty years ago must have been more difficult. Back in the 1900’s, women had different social norms to deal with in society. Women had to stay at home, be housewives, do the laundry, and cook while men went out and worked to obtain money for their family. In Story of an Hour by Kate Chopin, she tells the struggles that women went through back in the 1990 's and the social norms that women had to go through. Chopin addresses many instances of symbolism to portray the feeling Mrs. Mallard has about her own thoughts and experiences with or without a man in her life. In Story of an Hour, the whole central point of this short story is to discuss Mrs. Mallard 's heart condition. After reading the story the first time, it came about that this heart condition means a lot more than you think. Mrs. Mallard 's heart condition symbolizes the troubles that she encounters having a husband. For example, if Mrs. Mallard didn’t have this heart condition, she would still possess emotional heart trouble in her relationship. This use of …show more content…

In Story of an Hour, there is a constant theme about Springtime. Not only does Springtime have warm weather and animals, it also portrays happiness and freedom. In this short story, Chopin discusses springtime as a relief that Mrs. Mallard’s husband has died. Springtime shows Mrs. Mallard being “set free” in a time of despair. Dark and gloomy weather usually represents death and pain while springtime portrays the new life that Mrs. Mallard will soon encounter after her husband 's death. Chopin writes, “She could see in the open square of her house the tops of trees that were all aquiver with the new spring life...there were patches of blue sky showing here and there,” (Chopin 307). This quote is implying that even when Mrs. Mallard got the news of her husband’s death, the world is still going on and she has a whole new life ahead of her being a single

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