Essay Comparing Story Of An Hour And The Boarding House

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Stories have always been a key part of cultures throughout time. In the last hundred and fifty years, some of today’s more influential writers published their works. Two famous writers, Kate Chopin and James Joyce, lived close to each other’s time. Chopin’s short story “Story of an Hour” has become a staple in humanity and literature courses. James Joyce, who is better known for his work Ulysses, wrote one short story titled “The Boarding House”, is also a brilliant piece of work. While both stories are unique in their conflicts and resolutions, they each take place in a similar culture and hold a similar theme. In “Story of an Hour” the main conflict facing Mrs. Mallard is identified within the first sentence, “the news of her husband’s death” (Chopin, 32). At first, Mrs. Mallard, behaves how a reader would expect one to at the news of a loved ones passing. “She wept at once, with sudden, wild abandonment…” (33). However, as the reader continues, Mrs. Mallard actions take a turn, which would surprise a reader. She only grieves for a little while before she goes to her room—alone. There, Chopin hints at the truth behind Mrs. Mallards marriage. While most new widows, in that…show more content…
Mooney, but instead her daughter and Mr. Doran. Both characters find themselves stuck, they made their choices, and the options given to them were very few. Mr. Doran wrestles with this the most, particularly when he recalls his interactions with a priest who points out the sin of his actions and what the only proper resolution was. “What could he do but marry her or run away?” (Joyce, 367) Mr. Doran thinks. He begins to dread the thought of losing his freedom and his instincts kick in (Joyce, 368). Polly is far more accepting of her inevitable marriage, and even dreams about her future. While she waits on Mr. Doran’s proposal, Polly forgets what exactly is about to take place until her mother calls for her at the end of the
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